Dr. Marco Fossati-Bellani

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Undergrad: Princeton University (Psychology/Neuroscience)
Graduate: Tulane University (MPH)
Medical School: Tulane University
Residency: UCLA/Olive View​
Fellowship: Clinical Informatics​

Dr. Marco Fossati-Bellani was born and grew up in Palo Alto, California. He attended Princeton where he majored in Neuroscience via the Psychology department. He completed medical school and a masters in Public health at Tulane shortly after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans. After a 16 month stint in the great city of Chicago training in Neurology, Dr. Fossati had a change of heart and career. He completed his Emergency Medicine training at UCLA Olive View. He joins UC San Diego as a fellow in Clinical Informatics, where hopes to make an impact on Electronic Medical Record user efficiency. In his spare time, he enjoys Olympic Weightlifting, cooking, quirky podcasts, architecture, design, and real estate. ​
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