Dr. Christian Dameff

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Undergrad: University of Arizona (Philosophy)
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix
Residency: Maricopa Medical Center
Fellowship: Clinical Informatics

Dr. Christian Dameff is originally from Tucson, Arizona. During his undergraduate studies in philosophy he often contemplated not having a job and thus explored what a career in medicine might look like. After a masters degree in Physiology he pursued medical training at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix where he confirmed his suspicion that Emergency Medicine was the most exciting and rewarding specialty in all the land. In a very dry, hot, and predictable theme he continued his clinical training at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix where he was honored to serve as chief resident in his final year.
Published clinical works include post cardiac arrest care including hypothermia, novel drug targets for acute myocardial infarction patients, ventricular fibrillation waveform analysis , cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) quality and optimization, dispatch assisted CPR, teletoxicology and medical education topics using Google Glass.
Dr. Dameff is also a hacker and security researcher interested in the intersection of healthcare, patient safety, and cybersecurity. He has spoken at some of the world’s most prominent hacker forums including Defcon, BSides: Las Vegas, and is one of the cofounders of the CyberMed Summit, a novel multidisciplinary conference with emphasis on medical device and infrastructure cybersecurity. Published cybersecurity topics include hacking 911 systems, HL7 messaging vulnerabilities, and malware.
Dr. Dameff has also been fortunate enough to serve on the Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA) board of directors, and has been won several awards including the Emergency Medicine Basic Research Award (EMRA), Medical Student Excellence in EM Award (SAEM), Medical Student Professionalism and Service Aware (ACEP), Scholarship in Cardiovascular Disease (AHA), and Achievement in Research and Scholarly Activity Award (Maricopa). He was also a Western SonoGames (SAEM), and Open Capture the Flag (DEFCON) Computer Hacking Competition champion.
Merging his passions of clinical medicine and cybersecurity he was naturally drawn to fellowship training in Clinical Informatics at UC San Diego and looks forward to making EPIC even more epic.
When not found hacking hospitals or working in the Emergency Department Dr. Dameff is found often with his family: wife Ashley, son Wesley and soon to arrive little son or daughter. He also enjoys classic computer game LAN parties, vintage arcade cabinets, and comic book movies.

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