Dr. Amanda Apicella

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​Undergraduate: UCSD (Psychology, Chemistry)
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University (formerly the Medical College of Virginia)
Residency: VCU (Emergency Medicine)
Fellowship: UCSD (Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine)

Dr. Amanda Apicella was born in Tucson, Arizona and completed her undergraduate studies at UCSD where she had the honor of being chosen as a student Commencement speaker. She was a relative latecomer to the medical field when she decided midway through college to start volunteering in the ER at UCSD Medical Center. Having been irreversibly captivated by her experiences there, she decided to pursue a medical degree and attended the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. Since she fell in love with both the Virginia countryside and the man who later became her husband, she chose to stay there for residency training in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. After completing her Emergency Medicine residency, Dr. Apicella sought out a position to primarily care for our nation’s veterans as an Emergency Physician at the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond. 

 An avid water enthusiast and supporter of marine conservation efforts, she was naturally drawn to a fellowship in Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine because it allows her to blend her passion for medicine with her love of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it (including SCUBA divers). Her academic interests include marine envenomations and dive-related injuries, as well as promotion of general health and risk-awareness education in all kinds of divers. She has also become interested in many other aspects of Hyperbarics including its role in multidisciplinary limb preservation programs. She is excited to return to UCSD for her fellowship training. 

 Her favorite activities are those that involve traveling to warm, sunny places where she can snorkel and dive, as well as read and re-read her Harry Potter and Clive Cussler books. Other interests include gardening, Virginia wines, hanging out with her dogs, and being a foster mom for animal rescue groups.

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