Dr. Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson
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Undergrad: Duke University (Political Science)
Graduate: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (PhD-Cognitive Science)
Medical School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Residency: Scripps Mercy Hospital (Internship)
University of California, San Diego
Fellowship: Clinical Research (UCSD)

Dr. Wilson is a proud Midwesterner, having obtained both a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and a medical degree at the University of Illinois. He completed his fellowship in clinical research in 2012 at UCSD, and currently serves as the Director of Emergency Psychiatry Research for the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry, the Medical Director of Aeromedevac Air Ambulance based in San Diego, the Associate Director of the UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine Clinical Research Scholar fellowship, and the Director of the UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine Behavioral Emergencies Research (DEMBER) lab. The DEMBER lab’s research primarily focuses on applied psychiatric emergencies of clinical relevance to emergency physicians, with recent projects on suicide screening, agitation, identifying pain patients at risk of opioid abuse, and the side effects of second generation antipsychotics in an ED setting. He is a section editor and reviewer for several academic journals, and was a 2014 NIH Summer Institute Fellow. His free time consists of experimenting with San Diego’s numerous fine breweries. Publications


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