Division of EMS and Disaster Medicine

      Dr. James Dunford, UCSD Emeritus Faculty and Medical Director for the City of San Diego. Image from KPBS article.

The Division of Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Medicine actively serves the greater San Diego region through education, medical direction, and clinical service.

Division members oversee the delivery of online medical direction through the UCSD Base Hospital program, providing medical oversight to paramedics treating over 3,000 patients a month. We also provide service to local agencies with assistance in quality assurance/quality improvement programs, volunteer provider coverage for special events, and active participation in County EMS programs. Several local agencies have UCSD EMS/Disaster Division faculty as their medical directors, encompassing over half of all EMS patients seen in the county; we also provide medical direction for local paramedic education.

The UCSD EMS/Disaster Division has sponsored a fellowship since 2004. We are now fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, effective July 2013.  Dr. Chris Kahn is board-certified in the brand-new official subspecialty of Emergency Medical Services.

Division members are also active in hospital, regional, and national disaster preparedness and response programs. Dr. Jake Jacoby is the commander for Disaster Medical Assistance Team CA-4, which has been deployed many times to provide medical care across the country; deployments have included operational support at the World Trade Center site after the September 11th attacks, shelter support and 24/7 medical care for survivors of Hurricane Sandy, and hospital surge management and medical care for survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Under the guidance of Research Director Dr. Gary Vilke, the EMS/Disaster Division continues to be very active in research. The Division is responsible for management of the San Diego branch of the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium, a bi-national group of ten clinical sites that have led the way in multi-center investigations of cardiac and trauma resuscitation for over ten years.

For further information, please contact EMS Division Chief Dr. Chris Kahn.