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DEM Archived News


A Buzzfeed article titled "A Former Border Patrol Chief Said You Could Put Pepper Spray On Your Nachos, And Actual Medical Experts Said No, Nope, You Cannot" features DEM Chair, Dr. Ted Chan.

To read article, click here.

Dr. Christian Dameff, EM Clinical Informatics Division, featured in AMCC News article on medical device cybersecurity.

To read article, click here.

Dr. Jess Brice, PGY3 presenting her talk on ‘Bridging the Divide” at FemInEM’s 2018 FIX Conference in NYC. She joined an incredible line up of incredible speakers and did an amazing job. Congratulations!

To learn more about our Emergency Medicine Residency, click here

The 2018 ACEP Scientific Assembly in San Diego was a great success. UCSD DEM Faculty and Residents presented the following 12 abstarcts at the ACEP Research Forum:


  • Kreshak AA, Tolia VM, Chan TC, Killeen JP, Castillo EM. Insurance Coverage and Cost of Patients Enrolled in an Acute Care at Home Pilot Project for Emergency Department Patients.
  • Sorge R, Li S, Fernandez J, Price C, Hern G. Implementation of Emergency Medicine Milestones: A National Survey.
  • Vilke G, Lutz M, Sloane C, Castillo E, Brennan J, Swift S, Coyne C. Physiological Effects of a Spit Sock.
  • Kreshak AA, Tolia VM, Chan TC, Brennan JJ, Castillo EM. Emergency Department Admissions among Geriatric Medicare Patients Before and After Initiation of a Medicare Accountable Care Organizations.
  • Brown J, Medak A, Nadolski A, Dilip M, Shah V, Campbell C, Lam S, Singh S, Macias M. Bedside Triple-Point Ultrasound for Suspected  Pulmonary Embolism: A Strategy to Reduce the Use of Contrast Computed Tomography.
  • Nene RV, Brennan JJ, Castillo EM, Hsia RY, Coyne CJ. Emergency Department Patients with Cancer: How Do Outcomes at National Cancer Institute-Designated Hospitals Compare to the General Population?
  • Coyne CJ, Brennan J, Castillo EM, Killeen J, Chan T. Checkpoint Inhibitor Complications in the Emergency Department: Methods to Improve Awareness and Outcomes.
  • Tolia VM, Kreshak AA, Chan TC, Brennan JJ, Vilke GM, Castillo EM. Initial Risk Screening and Impact of Evaluation for Geriatric Emergency Department Patients.
  • Shi E, Kreshak AA, Chan TC, Wardi G, Castillo EM, Tolia VM. Impact of Specialized Geriatric Care Coordination within a Senior Emergency Care Unit.
  • Mcglone S, Dunlay R, Castillo E, Tolia V, Killeen J, Minns A. Meclizine Prescriptions in the Emergency Department and Return Visits in an Elderly Population.
  • Dunlay R, Shi E, Castillo E, Tolia V, Killeen J, Minns A. Emergency Physician Accuracy in Prescribing Medications to Elderly Patients with Renal Dysfunction.
  • Kreshak AA, Tolia VM, Chan TC, Powell RA, Brennan JJ, Killeen JP, Castillo EM. The Effect of an Electronic Decision Support Tool on Emergency Department Prescribing of Naloxone. 

Congratulations to DEM Faculty members Drs. Alicia Minns and Christopher Coyne for receiving the UC San Diego Health Sciences Academy of CLinician Scholars Faculty Development Awards.

  • Dr. Alicia Minns - Improving medication safety in the geriatric emergency department population
  • Dr. Christopher Coyne - Assessment of an EMR-based Solution to Improve the Management of Cancer Related Pain in the Emergency Department 

Congratulations to DEM Faculty member Dr. Jorge Fernandez for being awarded the CalACEP Educator of the Year 2018!


UCSD DEM Residents are the 2018 CalACEP Escape Room Winners! Way to go!

From left to right: Drs. Nate Finch, Emily Sbiroli, Max Caccese, Matt Correia, and Sam Frenkel. To learn more about our current residents, click here.

Thank you to our residency alumni for joining us for another successful Alumni Reunion to kick off ACEP 2018!

To see more pictures from the event, click here.

Congratulations to the Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Division who was 1 of only 4 medical schools to be awarded the Platinum Award from Clarius Mobile Health.

To read more about the award, click here

UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine Physicians named "Top Docs" in San Diego Magazine "Physicians of Exceptional Excellence" Survey.

A big congratulations to our EM Physicians who received recognition in Emergency Medicine and two other specialties.

Dr. Ted Chan - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Richard Clark - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Paul Ishimine - Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Dr. Binh Ly - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Aaron Schneir - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Christian Sloane - Emergency Medicine 
Dr. Christopher Tainter - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Vaishal Tolia - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Gary Vilke - Emergency Medicine

UCSD DEM Professor Kama Guluma selected as new Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs for the UCSD School of Medicine. Congrats Kama! 


The UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine, along with our friends at West Health, are honored at being selected as one of the first level 1 accredited Geriatric Emergency Departments in the country, the first in California.

We are proud of our efforts to optimize care for seniors and develop the best geriatric emergency department in the world. Click here to read more. 


DEM Residents Kelly Dilorenzo, Nancy Glober and attending Chuck O’Connell featured in UCSD news for amazing life-saving case at the beach! 

To read article, click here.

Congratulations to Dr. Jorge Fernandez for being elected to serve on the Cal ACEP 2018-19 Board of Directors!


DEM Professor Dr. Vaishal Tolia interviewed by KOGO News Radio to discuss the new Geriatric Emergency department at UCSD.

To hear interview, click here

Congratulations to our newly graduated Residency class of 2018!!

UCSD DEM Ultrasound faculty Dr. Sukh Singh featured in article by the Clairemont Connection.

To read article, click here.

UCSD Clinical Informatics Fellow Christian Dameff featured in Healthcare IT news article on security threats to medical devices.

To read article, click here

Michael Macias, UCSD ED Ultrasound Fellow featured in ALiEM online article on Integrative Longitudinal Online Ultrasound Curriculum.

To read article, click here

UCSD DEM was well represented with 11 abstracts at the SAEM 2018 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. The following projects were presented: 

  • Vilke GM, Brennan JJ, Chan TC, Hsia RY, Killeen JP, Castillo EM. Emergency Department Utilization Three Days Prior to a Septicemia Diagnosis among Geriatric Patients.
  • Castillo EM, Kreshak AA, Tolia VM, Brennan JJ, Chan TC. Throughput Before and After a Geriatric Emergency Department Implementation.
  • Tolia VM, Kreshak AA, Brennan JJ, Castillo EM, Trumm NA, Chan TC. Emergency Department Vaccination of an at-Risk Population during a Severe Hepatitis A Outbreak.
  • Coyne CJ, Ha E, Brennan JJ, Castillo EM, Birring P, Shah S, Vilke GM. Cancer-Related Venous Thromboembolism in the Emergency Department: A Retrospective Cohort Study.
  • Wardi G, Villar J, Lava M, Beitler JR. Analyzing Differences in Fluid Resuscitation in Septic Patients with Heart Failure: Results of a Multi-Center Survey Between Emergency Providers and Intensivists.
  • Wardi G, Liu D, Le C. Evaluating Vancomycin and Piperacillin-Tazobactam in Patients with Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock.
  • Castillo EM, Vuong CL, Vilke GM, Brennan JJ, Hsia RY, Killeen JP. 30-Day Readmissions among Elderly Patients Discharged with an Acute Myocardial Infarction. 
  • Coyne CJ, Brennan JJ, Castillo EM, Vilke GM. Cancer-Related Emergency Department Visits in the Elderly: Comparing Characteristics and Outcomes.
  • Derksen B, Glober N, Darocki M, Klingfus M, Choi M, Brennan JJ, Chan TC, Tolia VM. Is the Highly Sensitive HemosIL D-Dimer a Valuable Screening Tool to Rule Out Aortic Dissection? 
  • Boynton H, Kolkowitz I, Campbell C. Is There a Safe, Inexpensive Alternative to Sterile Ultrasound Gel in Resource-Limited Settings?
  • Kreshak AA, Tolia VM, Brennan JJ, Castillo EM, Chan TC. Emergency Department Patients Seen During a Severe Hepatitis A Epidemic Outbreak.

Congratulations to PGY3 Ashely Alker for her most recent publication in AAEM's Magazine, Common Sense on the topic of Gender Equality in Emergency Medicine.

To read article, click here

Dr. Christian Dameff, DEM Clinical Informatics Fellow, featured in an article on hospital cybersecurity.

To read article, click here

UCSD DEM part of San Diego regional coalition selected by US Department of Transportation as one of 10 sites nationwide to test unmanned aircraft (drone) systems and advance aerial innovation in the community. 

To see faculty member Dr. Jim Killeen highlight program, click here


UCSD Emergency Medicine faculty member Dr. Leslie Oyama and resident Dr. Ashely Alker both received high honors at the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly.

Dr. Oyama received the Kevin G. Rodgers Program Director of the Year Award. Dr. Alker received the Resident of the Year Award. Congratulations to both!

Congratulations to Nancy Glober for winning 2nd place at AAEM's Research Competition!

Dr. Glober won for her work on Adjusting d-Diner for Platelets to Improve Specificity for Pulmonary Emboli.

Congratulations to DEM Professor Dr. Radhika Sundararajan for being awarded the UCSD Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action and Diversity Award.

Watch the video montage honoring Dr. Sundararajan here. To view the 2017 Award recipients, click here

Dr. Rick Clark featured in San Diego Union Tribune article, "Sale of recreational marijuana doesn't lead to spike in patients at UC SanDiego Health."

To read article, click here.

HUGE congratulations to resident Ashely Alker for winning the AAEM Resident of the Year Award!

On January 18th members of the Emergency Department staff from both medical centers joined forces to participate in an active shooter training exercise in La Jolla.

EM Professors Dr. Ted Chan and Dr. Vaishal Tolia were featured in San Diego Business Journal's article "ER's Try Senior Focus For Proactive Medicine."

Click read article, click here


UCSD DEM featured in project linking EMS electronic reports to the ED and medical center featured in Healthcare Informatics. 

To read article, click here.

Emeritus Professor Dr. James Dunford was featured in a KPBS article about battling the stigma with mental illnes.

To read article, click here

UCSD Emergency Medicine Fellows Jenny Farah (EMS) and Christian Dameff (Clinical Informatics) have collaborated for a segment on EM:RAP on Cybersecurity.

Click below to listen to the episode. 

UCSD School of Medicine Dean David Brenner, along with DEM faculty Ted Chan and Chris Sloane at signing ceremony with officials from Shanghai University and the Chinese National Pilots Association to launch aeromedical training program for Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai China

On January 26th & 27th the UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine and the Division of Ultrasound will be presenting it's first Annual Ultrasound Summit.

The Summit will be a two-day course geared towards introducing the principles of bedside ultrasound. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to demonstrate the proper use of a bedside ultrasound machine, making appropriate adjustments to achieve adequate image quality and be able to obtain a FAST exam, cardiac exam, find retroperitoneal structures (aorta and renal), obtain adequate gallbladder views, perform DVT scans, and evaluate for emergent obstructive and gynecological conditions using an ultrasound machine. IV access phantoms will also bet set up to practice on as well. Proceeds will go towards the ultrasound division funding medical ultrasound teaching missions. To learn more, click here

Richard Clark, MD has been featured in the San Diego Union Tribune

Read the story here:  “Don't feast on edible marijuana until you read this 

Richard Clark MD has been featured in the UC San Diego Health News Room

Click here for the feature: “Corner Clinic: running shoes, strabismus and the difference between flu and food poisoning"

UC San Diego DEM Emeritus Professor Dr. James Dunford retires as Medical Director of San Diego City EMS after 30 years of service.  In recognition of his time and dedication, the City of San Diego has named their EMS training facility in his honor.  Congratulations, Dr. Dunford!

On November 16th UCSD participated in the Statewide Medical and Health Emergency Management Fall Exercise at both Medical Centers.


UCSD DEM was well represented with 14 abstracts at the 2017 ACEP Research Forum in Washington DC. The following projects were presented:

  • Stuck AR, Crowley C, Tolia VT, Kreshak AA, Killeen JP, Castillo EM, Agha Z, Morita T. Initiating and Improving ED-based processes for Acute Care at Home as an Alternative to Admission 
  • Killeen JP, Castillo EM, Vilke GM, Chan TC, Dunford JK, Kahn C, Powell R, Sparks J, Pringle J, Chavez DJ, Branning MD. Prehospital to Emergency Department Data Exchange- a SAFR Transition of Care 
  • Sloane C, Mash DC, Chan TC, Kolkhorst F, Neuman T, Castillo EM, Vilke GM. Assessment of Stress Markers in Restrained Individuals Following Physical Stress with and Without a Sham TASER Activation 
  • Wardi G, Villar J, Gross E, Lava M, Seethala R, Owens R, Tolia V, Sell R, Beitler J. Analysis of a Multi-Center Survey to Assess Fluid Resuscitation Practice in Patients with Sepsis and Heart Failure 
  • Nakajima Y, Brennan JJ, Castillo EM, Vilke GM. Factors Associated with Ambulance Use in Emergency Department Patients 
  • Myatt T, Nguyen B, Clark R, Coffey C, O’Connell C. A Prospective Study of Stingray Injury and Envenomation Outcomes 
  • Coyne CJ, Ence T, Smyres C, Brennan J, Castillo E, Vilke GM. The relationship between medication knowledge, perceived importance, and medication adherence 
  • Glober NK, Tainter CR, Brennan JJ, Darocki M, Klingfus M, Derksen B, Choi M, Rudolf F, Castillo EM, Chan TC. D-dimer Assay-Guided Moderation of Adjusted Risk (DAGMAR) Score: Improving the Specificity of the D-dimer for Pulmonary Embolism in the Emergency Department 
  • Brennan JJ, Chan TC, Vilke GM, Killeen JK, Hsia RY, Castillo EM. ED Revisits within 3 Days of an ED Discharge for Urinary Tract Infection among Geriatric Patients 
  • Minns AB, Tolia VT, Kreshak AA, Killeen JP. The Prevalence of Benzodiazepine Use in a Geriatric Emergency Department Population 
  • Kreshak, Tolia VT, Chan TC, Killeen JP, Vilke GM, Castillo EM. A Four-Year Descriptive Analysis of Geriatric Patients’ Visits to the Emergency Department 
  • Tolia VT, Chan TC, Killeen JP, Vilke GM, Kreshak AA, Castillo EM. Evaluation of Mobility and Fall Risk among Seniors Presenting to the Emergency Department 
  • Tolia VT, Chan TC, Killeen JP, Vilke GM, Kreshak AA, Castillo EM. Identification of Unrecognized Delirium in Senior Emergency Department Patients 
  • Brennan JJ, Chan TC, Vilke GM, Hsia RY, Killeen JK, Castillo EM. Geriatric visits to California Emergency Department from 2008 through 2014 

UCSD Clinical Informatics fellow Christian Dameff featured on CNBC online interview on medical devices hacking risks.

To watch the interview, click here

Congratulations to our very own Megan Tresenriter, Trisha Morshed and Craig Kutz for winning the 2017 CalACEP SIM Competition!


UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine Physicians named "Top Docs" in San Diego Magazine "Physicians of Exceptional Excellence" Survey.

A big congratulations to our EM Physicians who received recognition in Emergency Medicine and two other specialties.

Dr. Ted Chan - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Paul Ishimine - Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Dr. Christian Sloane - Emergency Medicine 
Dr. Vaishal Tolia - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Christian Tomaszewski - Medical Toxicology

DEM Faculty Chris Sloane and Jake Jacoby deploy with DMAT-CA4 (Disaster Medical Assistance Team) to Houston in response to Hurricane Harvey


HUGE congratulations to PGY3 Resident Dr. Ashely Alker for winning the prestigious Augustine D'Orta Award!

The Augustine D'Orta Award is a national award from the Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA) given to a single recipient each year. 


Dept of Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds Speaker, Dr. Laurel Riek from UCSD's Department of Engineering meeting with our Faculty and Residents to share her work on enabling robots to robustly solve problems in dynamically in changing human environments. Amazing lecture and great mentoring!

To see upcoming and past grand rounds speakers, click here.

DEM Assoc Professor Vaishal Tolia featured in San Diego Union Tribune article on seniors at home and UCSD's Acute Care at Home initiative

Click here to read article.

Congratulations to PGY3 Resident Dr. Trisha Morshed, recipient of the AAEM RSA FIX 2017 scholarship! 

Check out her winning essay, here

UCSD DEM to participate in National Science Foundation study investigating robotics and human-robotic interactions in the Emergency Department setting (Principal Investigator – UCSD Computer Science Professor Laurel Riek).

Click here to read about the award.


UCSD DEM Emeritus Faculty Dr. James Dunford received the 2017 Spirit of the Barrio Award from Family Health Centers for his commitment to helping San Diego's most vulnerable receive health care and support services.

Along with Dr. Dunford, United States Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera was also an honoree at this year's ceremony. 


A profile of James Dunford, MD, Recipient of the 2017 James O.Page/JEMS Leadership Award -  Journal of Emergency Medical Services.

Click here


Congratulations to UCSD DEM Faculty Dr. Jim Killeen for receiving the Larry L. Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology!

Dr. Killeen's project “Prehospital to Emergency Department Data Exchange – a SAFR Transition of Care” was awarded the Larry L. Sautter Golden Award for Innovation in Information Technology for 2017 by the UC Information Technology Leadership Council.

FemInEM has featured a blog entry by our very own PGY III Resident Ashley Alker. 

In it, Dr. Alker discusses developing the capacity to lead, finding mentors and the obstacles that women may face in their career development. To read the FemInEM blog, please click here

UCSD DEM Faculty member Dr. Radhika Sundararajan has been awarded a NIH K grant for a project titled: Expanding HIV Testing Among Ugandan Adults Who Utilize Traditional Healers. Congratulations Dr. Sundararajan!!

To learn more about our Department's funded research, click here


Congratulations to UCSD DEM Emeritus Professor, Dr. James Dunford on receiving the 2017 James O. Page/JEMS Leadership Award!!

To read more about the award, click here.
To read more about Dr. James Dunford, click here


A BIG WELCOME to our newest Emergency Medicine Residency class of 2021!


Ioan Belovarski (Univ of New Mexico), Max Caccese (UCLA), Craig Kutz (MU of South Carolina), Ben Liotta (UCSF), Dennis Liu (Northwestern), Cole Nelson (Univ of New Mexico),Rahul Nene (UCSD), Emily Sbiroli (SUNY Downstate College of Medicine), Michael Self (Northwestern), Eileen Shi (UCSD).

To learn more about our residents​, click here

VA National Director of Emergency Medicine, Chad Kessler speaks at the UCSD DEM Faculty Meeting.

Ashley Alker PGY2 and Jack Storey PGY1 on their lobby day at The Hill where they were working with RSA for GME funding and medical student debt reform.


UCSD DEM was well represented at the 2017 SAEM Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Here is a list of the poster presentations from SAEM 2017:

  • Castillo EM, Ko K, Howard J, Vilke GM, Hsia R, Killeen JP, Brennan J. The Rate and Patient Characteristics of 7-Day ED Revisits among Senior Patients. 
  • Lam SH, Alade K, Doniger S, Levine M, Rabiner J, Sivitz A, Brennan J, Castillo EM. Accuracy and inter-rater agreement of pediatric soft tissue point-of-care ultrasound images. 
  • Hornbeak K, Castillo EM, Sloane C, Vilke GM. Injuries Associated with Law Enforcement Use-of-force Incidents with and without Subject Intoxication. 
  • Tolia VT, Kreshak AK, Stuck AR, Casale MB, Crowley C, Killeen JP, Castillo EM. Initial Results from an Acute Care at Home Program as an Alternative to Admission. 
  • Castillo EM, Brennan J, Hsia R, Chalmers C, Howard J, Ko K. Factors Associated With Geriatric Frequent Users of Emergency Department Resources. 
  • Coyne C, Li D, Brennan J, Castillo E, Vilke GM. Evaluating cancer-related pain management in the emergency department setting. 
  • Brennan J, Vilke GM, Hsia R, Killeen JP, Castillo EM. Emergency department visits following hospital admissions. 
  • Vilke GM, Holman M, Brennan B, Castillo EM. Evaluation of the Risk of Carotid Artery Injury in Strangulation. 
  • Coyne CJ, Brennan J, Castillo EM, Vilke GM. Conducting Meaningful Population-Based Research on Patients with Cancer Who Present To the Emergency Department - A Study on The Methodology of Categorization.
  • Miller A, Brennan J, Vilke GM, Castillo EM. Knowledge and Concern over Ingredients in Packaged Food and Personal Hygiene Products among Emergency Department Patients.

Our own Ashely Alker AAEM/RSA President-elect interviews Dr. Dara Kass, Founder of FemInEM on women's issues in EM. Check it out!

Click here to listen to interview.


DEM Residents Ashely Alker and Jack Storey have been selected to be Board Members of AAEM/RSA.

Congratulations to resident Ashely Alker who has been elected to be the AAEM/RSA President and resident Jack Storey who has been elected to be AAEM/RSA At-Large Board Member. What an honor!!  

Click here to learn more about AAEM/RSA.

UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine is proud to announce the new Residency Class of 2021!

Ioan Belovarski (U of New Mexico), Max Caccese (UCLA), Craig Kutz (Med U of South Carolina), Ben Liotta (UCSF), Dennis Liu (Northwestern), Cole Nelson (U of New Mexico), Rahul Nene (UCSD), Emily Sbiroli (SUNY Downstate), Michael Self (Northwestern), & Eileen Shi (UCSD). Welcome aboard!!!

Congratulations to DEM Resident Nancy Glober for receiving the EMRA/ACEP Critical Care Medicine Conference Scholarship!!

UCSD DEM Emeritus Professor James Dunford receives the JEMS James O. Page Leadership Award.

Click here to see video of award. Congratulations Dr. Dunford!!!

UCSD DEM Emeritus Professor Jim Dunford feature on NPR (local station KPBS) on feature article discussing the implications of a repeal of ACA. 

Click here to read article. 


DEM Chair Dr. Ted Chan featured in California Healthline story about increased number of falls seen in senior patients

Click here to read article.

EM Resident Ashley Alker attends partnered CORD/SAEM Summit on Physician Wellness

Our very own PGY2 Ashely Alker attended the first ever Emergency Medicine Physician Wellness and Resilience Summit, this February 2017 in Dallas at the new ACEP headquarters. Leadership and Wellness Champions from AACEM, AAEM, AAEM/RSA, ABEM, ACEP, ACOEP, CDEM, CORD, EMRA, and SAEM were in attendance. In addition, we invited representatives from the ACGME and American Hospital Association (AHA).



The UCSD DEM Residency Program will now be matching 10 Residents to start in June 2017!!

To learn more about our Residency Program, click here


DEM Residents Make the January 4th Union Tribune!

PGY IV Emergency Medicine Residents David Benaron, Aaron Heerboth, and Adam Nadolski were photographed by the UT in Ocean Beach on Dr. Benaron's "Megalodon" surfboard. 



Dr. Radhika Sundararajan Awarded Grant for HIV Study In Africa

The UCSD Center for AIDS Research has funded a grant to Dr. Sundararajan to study HIV-related knowledge and practices among higher education students in Manuto, Mozambique.

DEM Faculty Participating in NFL/GE Healthcare Brain Injury Study

Dr. Ilona Barash and Dr. Edward Castillo are coordinating the Emergency Medicine Department's participation in a nationwide brain injury study funded by the NFL and GE Healthcare. The study will investigate the use of MRI in patients with mild traumatic brain injury.

UCSD DEM Awarded $2.6 Million Telemedicine Grant

Dr.’s James Killeen, Theodore Chan and Vaishal Tolia have received a $2,616,445 Partnered Research Project award by the Gary and Mary West Health Institute. The project will develop, test, and implement telehealth services at three assisted living facilities in San Diego County. Services will include emergency/urgent care evaluations and Geriatrician, Geriatric Psychiatrist and Geriatric Pharmacist consultations. 


A New Grant for the Department of Emergency Medicine!

Dr. James Killeen has also received a $84,397 grant from the Chronic Disease Surveillance Branch of the California Department of Public Health. The purpose of this project is to develop and demonstrate a “Sandbox” with real, de-identified demographic data from public health reporting (cancer, immunizations, syndrome/encounter and laboratory results).

The UCSD DEM has been highlighted in an article published by

Click here to read article.

Congratulations to the Gary and Mary West Foundation for a decade of grant making.

Click here to read article. article "Senior-Specific ERs, Home Care Could Reduce Hospital Admissions" highlights the Gary and Mary West Geriatric ED.

Click here to read article. 

UCSD DEM featured in panel.

Click here to read article. 

MedCity News - "UC San Diego Reimagines Geriatric Emergency Care"

Click here to read article.

Department Chair, Dr. Ted Chan interviewed on radio station FM 94.9 to discuss the new Geriatric ED that will open in the Jacobs Medical Center.

Click here to listen to interview.

Introducing our EM Residency Class of 2020 (and 2019)!​

To learn more about our residents​, click here

Department of Emergency Medicine Chair, Dr. Ted Chan and President and CEO of West Health, Shelley Lyford​ interviewed by Drew Schlosberg, host of the Community Spotlight Show on the future Gary and Mary West Senior Emergency Unit that will be ​housed in the Jacobs Medical Center.

To listen to interview, click here

Two new grants have been awarded to Emergency Medicine Department!!!

​Congratulations to Drs. Michael Wilson and Davut Sava​ser for their recently ​awarded grant funding. Dr. Wilson received an EMF research award for the study "EMF/TEVA Treating Agitation in the Emergency Department". Dr. Savaser was awarded grant funding from ACEP for the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Section Grant for a Hyperbaric Oxygen Module Series. 

Resident Ashley Alker completes AAEM/RSA Elective in Congress.​

The AAEM/RSA Elective is a one month elective for members interested in medical policy and advocacy.  It provides a solid understanding of legislative and policy process, which will serve to equip the elective candidate with legislative and policy work and help to empower the emergency medicine profession.​

Congratulations to our graduating Class of 2016!!!


Dr. Radhika Sundararajan featured in Union Tribune article "In search of sharks, microbes and ancient civilizations"

​To read article, click here​.

Congratulations to Dr. Radhika Sundararajan​ on receiving the Whitehill Departmental Teaching Award from the Academy of Clinician Scholars (AOCS) for her excellence in teaching as recognized by housestaff. Well done!

DEM Intern Dr. Trisha Morshed awarded "Interns Program Grant" by the UCSD Global Health Institute.

Dr. Morshed's proposal is one of 16 that were awarded. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Dr. Chuck O'Connell for his mention in The New York Times! Check it out!

Department Chair Dr. Ted Chan is featured in a Union Tribune article about UCSD's planned Geriatric ER unit at Thornton Pavilion. It will be the first in the region that specializes solely on seniors.

To read the article, click here

UCSD's Department of Emergency Medicine is now offering an ACGME accredited Fellowship in Clinical Informatics.

For more on the newly accredited fellowship, click here.

Dr. James Dunford to be honored by the American Heart Association.

Dr. James Dunford will be honored by the American Heart Association with the Pioneer award on May 21, 2016 at the 2015-16 San Diego Heart Ball for his ground-breaking efforts in Stroke Intervention. Dr. Dunford led the development of San Diego's regional systems of care for sudden cardiac arrest (San Diego Project Heart Beat), heart attack and stroke. In 2008 Jim created the San Diego Resource Access Program (RAP) to coordinate the care for frequent 911 callers with the use of novel health information technology and case management – in 2014 the Agency for Healthcare Quality Research recognized RAP as a best practice. He championed the importance EMS in the development of San Diego Health Connect, the regional health information exchange and co-founded the San Diego Community Information Exchange to link the region’s social provider databases. Congratulations! To learn more, click here.

Our very own PGY1 Ashely Alker. M.D. has been elected as an AAEM/RSA at-large board member. We are very excited about her leadership in this role for the upcoming year. Congratulations!



UCSD ranked #4 in the World for Best Universities for the Medical Toxicology Division and Program!

The UCSD Division of Medical Toxicology and Medical Toxicology Fellowship program are involved in clinical care of poisoned and envenomated patients at 5 medical centers in San Diego and conduct research in many areas in the field of toxicology. This is the largest clinical care, training and research program in Medical Toxicology in southern California. Together with researchers and clinicians at the UCSD School of Medicine, our Pharmacology and Toxicology programs have been ranked as the 4th “Best Global University” in these areas by US News and World Report. Visit our Toxicology Division page here or to learn more about the "Best Global Universities" rankings, clickhere.

UCSD EM Doc's Mike Wilson, Steven Hayden, and Kama Guluma have conceived, developed and edited a new textbook: Doing Research in Emergency and Acute Care: Making Order Out of Chaos

To learn more about this new textbook, click here.

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Dunford for receiving the ACEP EMS Award for Outstanding Contributions to Emergency Medicine.

James Dunford, MD, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Emergency Medicine at UC San Diego Health and medical director (EMS) for the city of San Diego, recently received the American College of Emergency Physicians’ EMS Award for his outstanding contributions to emergency medicine. This recognition is the highest of its kind in the field and is given to an individual who has demonstrated significant success in the development, promotion or education of EMS on a state or national level. Dunford has been a long-time champion of innovation and research in emergency medicine. Among his accomplishments: identifying the essential role of oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring during initial airway management of critically ill and injured patients; creation of San Diego’s regional heart attack and stroke systems; and formation of San Diego Project Heart Beat, the nation’s most successful public access to defibrillation program, which has saved 130 lives and distributed more than 8000 automated external defibrillators. To learn more, click here.

UCSD EM Drs Stephen Hayden, Gary Vilke and Irving "Jake" Jacoby are featured as part of "25 Emergency Medicine and EMS Professors You Should Know" on 

To read more about the 25 doctors, click here.

Emergency Medicine Resident Ashley Alker writes reflective article "Facing Death and Our Dying Wishes" in the San Diego Union Tribune.

To read article, click here.

Dr. Chris Tomaszewski, Medical Director for UCSD Emergency Medicine was featured on the PBS Newshour speaking about Medicaid and it's impact on California's health system.

To learn more, please click here.

UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine Physicians named "Top Docs" in San Diego Magazine "Physicians of Exceptional Excellence" Survey.

A big congratulations to our EM Physicians who received recognition in Emergency Medicine and two other specialties.

Dr. Ted Chan - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Richard Clark - Emergency Medicine & Toxicology
Dr. Ian Grover - Emergency Medicine 
Dr. Christian Sloane - Emergency Medicine 
Dr. Christian Tomaszewski - Emergency Medicine 
Dr. Pete Witucki - Emergency Medicine & Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

UCSD Emeritus Professor Dr. Jim Dunford to receive the ACEP Award for Outstanding Contribution in EMS this October at the annual ACEP Scientific Assembly in Boston.

Dr. James Dunford is San Diego City Medical Director and a national leader in EMS, bringing prominence and recognition not only to our program, but to our region as a whole (with efforts such as the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium and AHA Million Lives campaign). Dr. Dunford is regularly asked to Washington DC to share his expertise and input with organizations such as the National Quality Forum, Departments of Health and Human Services and Transportation, and Institute of Medicine. And of course, he was the driving force in establishing the UCSD Emergency Medicine residency some 25 years ago and served as our inaugural program director. More information on this tremendous honor recognizing Dr. Dunford click here.

Drs. Virag Shah and Kama Guluma have been nominated for the 2015 Kaiser Excellence in Teaching Award! 

Dr. Virag Shah was nominated by the School of Medicine's second year class. Dr. Shah along with our ultrasound faculty developed and now lead the highly-regarded undergraduate "Introduction to Ultrasound" course that has received rave reviews.

Dr. Kama Guluma works closely with the undergraduates as one of 6 designated Academic Community Directors at the School of Medicine where he has done an outstanding job guiding and advising students at the beginning of their training in medical school at UCSD. Dr. Guluma was nominated by the SOM's first year class.

DEM Assistant Professor Radhika Sundararajan, MD, PhD receives Developmental Grant from the UCSD Center for AIDS Research. 

Funding will go to Dr. Sundararajan's pilot project in Mozambique. Congratulations!

Say hello to our new EM Residents Class of 2019!


Congratulations to UCSD EM Residents David Benaron, Mark Darocki, James Grieme, Adam Nadolski and Nick Pokrajac for winning a first place tie at SAEM's Quiz Show Competition!


UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine is proud to announce the new Residency Class of 2019!

We have a great group that have come from medical schools all over the US. 

Ashley Alker (George Washington University), Heather Boynton (Georgetown University), Obi Chidi (University of Colorado), Jesse Guittard (Tulane University), Carlos Lago Hernandez (Harvard Medical School), Trisha Morshed (University of Arizona), Matthew Nolan (Boston University), Frannie Rudolf (Northwestern University), and Peter Solomon (Tufts University).

A warm welcome to our new residents!

Dr. Richard Clark, UCSD DEM Faculty and Director of Poison Control for UCSD Health was featured in a U-T San Diego article about rising heroin rates in US.

Click here to read article published in U-T on March 5, 2015.

The DEM is proud to announce that Radhika Sundararajan, MD, PhD will serve as the inaugural Faculty Director of the UCSD School of Medicine Global Health Academic Track.

This track will include specific mentorship and funding for medical student global health research experiences between MS1 and MS2 years, as well as global health clinical experiences during MS4 year. The track will accept its first cohort of students with the class entering in the fall of 2015. Congratulations Dr. Sundararajan!

Congratulations to Dr. Allyson Kreshak for being awarded the 2014 Academy of Clinician Scholars Award.

Congratulations to Emergency Medicine Doctor, Allyson Kreshak as a 2014 Academy of Clinician Scholars Kaiser Teaching Grant Awardee for her project, "Telephone, Text, or Type? Comparing Tools for Improving Physician Patient Communication Beyond the Walls of the Emergency Department After Discharge."

UCSD DEM Faculty go to Presidential address in Washington D.C. 

Drs Christian Sloane, Jake Jacoby, John Serra, Chris Kahn, and Davut Savaser provided medical incident support for President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on January 20th, 2015 at the Capital building in Washington, DC, as part of DMAT CA-4.




Congratulations to Dr. Radhika Sundararajan for being awarded a grant from the UCSD Health Sciences Academic Senate.

The grant was entitled, "Use of Traditional Healers by Patients at Risk of HIV Infection in Mozambique: A Qualitative Study." To find out more about our faculties grants, click here.

DEM Drs Edward Castillo and Christian Tomaszewski receive grant from UCOP, Division of Health Sciences and Services, Center for Health Quality and Innovation.

Drs. Castillo and Tomaszewski were awarded over $260,000 for their grant: "Mitigating Legal Risk in the Emergency Department: A UC Health Wide Collaboration." To find out more about our faculties grants, click here.

UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine physicians meet with the Health Minister of Saudi Arabia.

Emergency Medicine doctors Jim Dunford, Chris Tomaszewski, Jim Killeen. and Ted Chan met with the Saudi Arabia Health Minister in December. 


New Longitudinal Ultrasound Course at UCSD

Congratulations to Dr. Virag Shah and the Ultrasound Division for launching a new Longitudinal Ultrasound Course at UCSD Medical School.


EM Doctor Jorge Fernandez Winner of 2014 National Emergency Medicine CPC Semi Final Competition

UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine doctor and Assistant Clinical Professor Jorge Fernandez was the Faculty Discussant Winner of Division 1 at the 2014 CPC Semi Final Competition in New Orleans, Louisiana. Click here to read more.

Welcome to our new Residents, Class of 2018!

The Department of Emergency Medicine excitedly welcomes the incoming Residents in June of 2014. Click here to learn more about each resident!

UCSD Health Designated U.S. Olympic Regional Medical Center

UC San Diego Health has been designated an Official U.S. Olympic Regional Medical Center, joining a national network of leading medical providers selected by the United States Olympic Committee to provide comprehensive medical services to Team USA athletes. Click here to read more.

EM Doctor Karen Van Hoesen awarded Diver of the Year by the Divers Alert Network (DAN)

Clinical Professor Dr. Karen Van Hoesen was awarded the DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year Award. Van Hoesen's involvement in scuba diving began at a young age and continued through to her professional life. Not only is she a Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, but also Director of the UCSD Diving Medicine Center and Director of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship. Click here to read more.


EM Nurse Director Bev Kress nominated for Excellence in Leadership Award

Bev Kress, Nurse Director for the Emergency and Critical Care departments at UC San Diego, has been nominated to receive the 2013 Excellence in Leadership Award for San Diego during the 36th Annual ACNL (Association of California Nurse Leaders) Conference.

EM Nurse Karen Mitchell receives scholarship from Association of California Nurse Leaders

Karen Mitchell has been awarded a scholarship for pursuit of a doctorate degree in Healthcare Organizational Leadership as well as had an accepted poster titled, "ED Community Placement Project (EDCPP); an innovative method for managing ED frequent users" during the 36th Annual ACNL Conference.

EM Fellow Adel Al-Marshad was recognized at the National Saudi Healthcare Innovation Competition

Dr. Al-Marshad was awarded 2nd place out of 217 entrants in the competition for his medication adherence app involving behavior modification alerts.

Welcome to our new Residents, Class of 2017!

A warm welcome to our incoming residents in July of 2013. Click here to read more about them.

EM Resident Sow Kobayashi, MD, published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Sow Kobayashi had a video published in the NEJM. Click here to view the publication.


Professor Ted Chan, MD, recognized at the White House

Dr. Ted Chan was one of 82 physicians recognized at the White House for achievements in Health Information Technology. Click here for more.

Nas Rafi, MD, recognized for life-saving efforts

Dr. Nas Rafi was recognized in the Vancouver Sun for her heroic efforts in aiding a cyclist who was hit by a car. Clickhere for more.

Amanda Lamond, MD, recognized in the National News

Dr. Amanda Lamond was recognized in the national news for her story of becoming a physician against insurmountable odds. Click here for more.

Associate Professor Jim Killeen, MD nationally recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Information Systems

Dr. Jim Killeen was one of four national awardees for Outstanding Achievement by the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems.


  • EM Residency highlighted in the new $70 million UCSD Sim Center. The UC San Diego School of Medicine has opened a state-of-the-art medical training center — the first since the medical school opened in 1968 — fulfilling a longstanding desire by UCSD to bring all of its training programs under one roof.


  • Ted Chan, MD, David Guss, MD, Jim Killeen, MD, Ed Castillo, PhD, and the UCSD Dept of Emergency Medicine awarded $15.3million grant from ONC on behalf of the San Diego Beacon collaborative to expand health IT innovation throughout the region. Announced by Vice President Joseph Biden and DHHS Secretary Sibelius from the White House.
  • UCSD's Emergency Medicine Residents came in first place in the ACEP/EMRA Simulation-Wars at the 2010 Annual American College of Emergency Physicians Conference in Las Vegas.
  • The Department of Emergency Medicine deployed three physicians to Haiti to provide medical care to earthquake survivors: Drs. Christian Sloane, Colleen Buono and Sean-Xavier Neath. Drs. Neath, Buono and Sloane were selected as "Real Heroes" for their efforts in Haiti by the San Diego/Imperial Counties chapter of the American Red Cross.


  • San Diego County Medical Society along with San Diego Magazine places several of our physicians on the 2009 Top Doctors List: Ted Chan MD, Richard Clark MD, Jim Dunford MD, David Guss MD, Chris Sloane MD, and Gary Vilke MD.
  • Daniel Davis is awarded the NAPH for Best Patient Safety Program for UC San Diego's Comprehensive Inpatient Resuscitation Program
  • Ted Chan, MD, Jim Killeen, MD, Colleen Buono, MD, along wit Bill Griswold, PHD (Computer Science) were awarded a $2.6 million grant from NIH for project titled WIISARD (Wireless Internet Information System for Medical Response to Disasters)
  • David Guss, Ted Chan and Gary Vilke are named Top Reviewers for Annals of Emergency Medicine
  • Jim Dunford is awarded a Public Service Award for his role as the Medical Director for San Diego Project Heartbeat


  • Eddie Castillo, Ted Chan and Gary Vilke are awarded an evaluation grant from the California Healthcare Foundation to study ambulance diversion in California
  • Jim Killeen, Ted Chan and Eddie Castillo are awarded two grants from the county of San Diego and Pacificare/United Health to electronically link hospital EDs and local area community clinics
  • Kama Guluma received part of an NIH P-01 program project awarded to study external counterpulsation as a treatment for acute ischemic stroke
  • Jim Dunford is awarded the Vic Kops Humanitarian award for his role as the Medical Director for the Qualcomm Stadium Aid Center in the 2007 Wildfires