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​The Dermatology Clinical Trials program is the largest in the country in staffing, trials performed and patients enrolled. Dr. Richard Gallo at UCSD directs a basic science research program that has NIH RO1 funding of approximately $1.34 million per year—the most of any pediatric dermatologist in the country. The Pediatric Dermatology Division has a large clinical and translational research program.

Pediatric Dermatology Research

The Pediatric and Adolescent Dermatology Research Group is involved in clinical studies of common and uncommon diseases, including acne, fungal infections, eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), warts and molluscum and psoriasis.

Pediatric & Adolescent Dermatology Research office: 858.576.1700 x4295

Victoria Barrio, MD

Victoria Barrio, MD participates in a broad set of clinical trials activities. She has interests in neonatal dermatology and developmental dermatoses.

Magdalene A. Dohil, MD

Dr. Magdalene A. Dohil, MD is a researcher in the areas of epidemiology and therapy of molluscum contagiosum, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, the Co-Director of the Eczema Center, and Physician Director of Clinical Services. She has been leading phase III pharmaceutical- and investigator-initiated clinical studies and is currently collaborating in multidisciplinary studies on psoriasis and atopy, including studies of safety and efficacy of topical corticosteroids for pediatric atopic dermatitis.

Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD

Dr. Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD is Division Director and has a broad set of research interests with a focus in atopic dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases (psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne). He is actively studying the influence of early therapy for eczematous dermatitis on progression of atopy, and the genetic basis of barrier dysfunction in atopic dermatitis. Other studies include evaluation of topical and systemic anti-inflammatory agents and barrier repair products for eczematous dermatitis, safety and efficacy of biologic and new topical agents for psoriasis and other inflammatory skin diseases, new product evaluation for acne vulgaris, and non-invasive imaging of pigmented lesions in pediatrics.

Dr. Eichenfield's PubMed Publications 

Richard L. Gallo, MD, PhD

Dr. Richard L. Gallo, MD, PhD is a leading investigator on the role of the innate immune system in skin health and disease, focusing on antimicrobial peptides and aspects of the interaction of the skin with the immune system, including the first description of an antimicrobial peptide in mammalian skin, the association of atopic eczema with a defect in antimicrobial peptide production, innate defense protein mediation of the pathogenesis of rosacea, and influence of vitamin D on cutaneous immunity.

Wynnis L. Tom, MD

Dr. Wynnis L. Tom, MD is an investigator with a focus on chronic inflammatory skin diseases, particularly atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. She has initiated a clinical study on the use and immune system effects of oral azathioprine for children with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. She is working on a collaborative study looking at genotype-phenotype correlations between a T-cell signaling pathway and pediatric psoriasis to assess for factors that may influence disease severity, course, or treatment outcome.