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​Pediatric Dermatology Research


​Lawrence Eichenfield M.D.

​Division Chief

Ph:  858-966-6795
Fx:  858-576-9260

Research Coordinator

​Ph:  858.576.1700 x224295

Tomi Beck

Administrative Assistant to:
Lawrence F. Eichenfield, M.D., Division Director, and
Victoria R. Barrio, M.D. | Eliza W. Barrett, PA-C | Stephanie McClafferty, PA-C | Brianne Wagenman, PA-C
​Ph:  858-576-1700, x224825
Fx:  858-966-4040
​Patti Oden
​Administrative Assistant to:
Dr. Susan Boiko | Dr. Magdalene Dohil | Dr. George Hightower | Dr. David Schairer | Dr. Wynnis Tom
Pediatric Dermatology Fellowship Coordinator, resident rotations
​Ph:  858-576-1700 x224269
Fx:  858-966-4040

Wendy Nguyen

​​Administrative Vice Chair,  AdVC
​​Ph: 858-657-1672

Paula Rushton

​Dermatology Administration Executive Assistant

​Ph: 858-822-4608
Fx: 858-822-6985
Darlene Garvais

​Dermatology Administration 
Admin. Asst., Website editor

​Ph: 858-822-6118