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UCSD Dermatology Investigator Training Program (DITP)

The goals of the DITP are to leverage the pre-existing outstanding research and teaching environment at UCSD to train and enhance research in dermatology. We seek to prepare scientists in a rigorous and interdisciplinary manner  to allow them to advance the field of cutaneous biology. In particular, at this institution we focus our training in areas of iimmunology, microbiology, genetics and skin development.

Our students participate in one of 3 training tracks:

  1. Predoctoral Skin Biology track (PSB)- For MD/PhD or PhD candidates already enrolled in a PhD graduate program at UCSD
  2. Cutaneous Research Biologist (CRB) track- For PhD or MD/PhD postdoctoral fellows in the early stage of their postdoctoral fellowship
  3. Clinical Dermatologist Training track (CDT)- For Dermatology Residents (either MD or MD/PhD) at UCSD

The UCSD Dermatology Investigator training program has the following goals:

  • Identify, recruit and retain outstanding scientists to conduct research in skin biology
  • Provide training in modern techniques of immunology, molecular genetics, developmental biology, stem cell biology, glycobiology and infectious disease
  • Teach students how to apply modern scientific techniques to problems related to skin diseases
  • Enhance exposure of skin biologists to interdisciplinary basic and translational science programs
  • Enhance exposure of collaborative basic science programs to skin biology
  • Facilitate career development of trainees in investigative dermatology
  • Encourage interactions of trainees with the national community of investigative dermatologists

For additional information or application materials contact Robyn Austin