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Protecting the pRivacy Of Genomes in Research StudieS (PROGRESS)


PI:Shuang Wang

Current: Yichen Jiang, Wenrui Dai, Pei Shao

Post: Chenghong Wang, Lichang Wang, Li Shen, Dima Aref, Suyash Rathi, Tianyi Zhu, Weijia Wu,  Chao Jiang, Dong Han, Lei Yang.

Grant:NIH R00HG008175
Start date of Project:09/01/2014
Expected duration of Project:03/31/2019
Description of Project:The proposed research will develop practical methods to support privacy-preserving genome data analysis, and study their ethical implications in genome privacy research. The development of such privacy technology and the study of the associated ethical issues may increase public trust in research. The privacy technology we propose will also contribute to the sharing of genomic data in ways that meet the needs of those in biomedical research.
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