Independent Study Project Opportunities

PHAROS2—Post-Handoff Reports of Outcomes 2

Project leader:  Robert El-Kareh, MD, MS, MPH (

Brief description:  Accurate and timely medical diagnosis is key to avoiding patient harms from delays in appropriate therapy, exposure to ineffective treatments and unnecessary tests.  Improving feedback to front-line providers of the outcomes of diagnostic decisions is crucial to on-going learning and calibration.  This project involves the refinement and evaluation of an operational system to provide this feedback within UCSD's electronic health record.

Timeframe of opportunity:  Any quarter through calendar year 2019

Time commitment:  One rotation

Prerequisites:  Experience in human-computer interaction and user-centered design.

Aspect(s) of project trainee would work on (depending on time of rotation)

    • Obtain input from front-line clinicians about current design of system
    • Create mock-ups of new designs based on user feedback
    • Evaluation of impact of design changes on follow-up of patient outcomes

      What trainee would gain:
    • Experience with applied user-centered design and human-computer interaction in a real clinical setting
    • Exposure to sociotechnical barriers related to diagnosis facing practicing clinicians in an academic medical center