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Yingxiang Huang (Henry)

PhD Student

Research Interest

  • Patient Data Visualization
  • Diagnosis Predictive Model


  • Divya Chandran, Joshua Rickert, Yingxiang Huang, Michael A. Steinwand, Sharon K. Marr, Mary C. Wildermuth (2014) Atypical E2F Transcriptional Repressor DEL1 Acts at the Intersection of Plant Growth and Immunity by Controlling the Hormone Salicylic Acid. Cell Host & Microbe, Volume 15, Issue 4, p506–513, 9 April 2014
  • Christopher S Garris, Linfeng Wu, Swati Acharya, Ahmet Arac, Victoria A Blaho, Yingxiang Huang, Byoung San Moon, Robert C Axtell, Peggy P Ho, Gary K Steinberg, David B Lewis, Raymond A Sobel, David K Han, Lawrence Steinman, Michael P Snyder, Timothy Hla & May H Han (2013) Defective sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor 1 (S1P1) phosphorylation exacerbates TH17-mediated autoimmune neuroinflammation. Nature Immunology 14, 1166–1172 (2013)


  • University of California, Berkeley
    Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Biology: Human Biology and Health Sciences
    Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Biology: Genetics and Genomics

Current Projects

  • My most recent project involves developing a tool for patients and doctors to predict and visualize patient's disease and medication progression based on previous medical records. We are working on describing each individual patient using a vector of events (i.e., their medication, symptoms/lab tests, diagnosis), and predict future events the patient might encounter based on other patients with similar progression. At the moment we are exploring machine learning techniques such as deep learning, neural networks, collaborative filters, and etc to improve upon the predictive power of our model. We have also developed a web service for patient to input their medical events, with which we hope to collect more data to improve our model, at the same time provide a web service for people interested in preliminarily visualizing their possible future medical events. We hope such a tool could assist patients and doctors in selecting lab tests and medications that would lead to a healthier path.

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