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Elizabeth Bell, MPH


Research Coordinator / Project Manager
Biomedical Informatics

Research Interests

  • Public Health
  • Informed Consent
  • Patient Education 


  • MPH in Environmental Health, University of Minnesota
  • BS/BS in Environmental Biology & Ecology, Winona State University


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  • Kim J, Fnu V, Bell E, Kim H. Feasibility of the Rule-Based Approach to Creating Complex Pictograms. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2016;225:397-401.
  • Bell E, Ohno-Machado L, Grando MA. “Who do I want to share my health data with? A survey of sharing preferences of healthy individuals.” Proceedings of AMIA Annual Symposium. November 2014. Washington DC. 


  • Bell E, Guijarro D, Kim H, Richardson A, Huh J, Wang S, Ohno-Machado L. Categorizing Clinical Data to Make it Easier for Patients to Indicate Their Data Sharing Preferences. AMIA Annual Symposium. November 2016. Chicago. (accepted)
  • Jang I, Guijarro D, Quach J, Kim J, Kim H, Bell E, El-Kareh R, Ohno-Machado L. Does Health Status Affect Patient Preferences for Sharing Clinical Data for Research? AMIA Annual Symposium. November 2016. Chicago. (accepted)
  • Kurtz R, Bell E, Kim H. “Exactly What Kind of Patient Data Do They Use in Research? :Analysis of Clinical Data Requests for Research.” AMIA Annual Symposium. November 2014. Washington DC.
  • Rana A, Grando M, Wong M, Bell E. Informed Consent for Clinical Record and Sample use in Research. AMIA Joint Summit CRI 2014. San Francisco, CA.
  • Bell E, Grando M, Ohno-Machado L. A pilot evaluation of patient data sharing preferences. AMIA Joint Summit CRI 2014. San Francisco, CA.
  • Grando M, Johnstone E. informed CONsent for clinical record and Sample use in research (iCONS). NCBC Showcase 2012. Bethesda, MD.


  • Boxwala AA, Barker J, Johnstone E, Gupta A, Qian X, Wong M, Ohno-Machado L. Electronic Capture and Management of Informed Consent for Research. CTSA Informatics Annual Meeting. 2011. Bethesda, MD.

Research Projects