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Nansu Zong, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Research Interest

  • Medical Informatics
  • Big Data
  • Knowledge Management
  • Data Integration

Selected Publications

  • Nansu Zong, Sejin Nam, Jae-Hong Eom, Jinhyun Ahn, Hyunwhan Joe, Hong-Gee Kim:Aligning ontologies with subsumption and equivalence relations in Linked Data. Knowl.-Based Syst. 76: 30-41 (2015).
  • Nansu Zong, Sungin Lee, Hong-Gee Kim:Discovering expansion entities for keyword-based entity search in linked data. J. Information Science 41(2): 209-227 (2015)
  • Nansu Zong, Sungin Lee, and Hong-Gee Kim, A Comparison of Unsupervised Taxonomical Relationship Induction Approaches for Building Ontology in RDF Resources. The 3rd Joint International Semantic Technology (JIST) conference, November 28-30, 2013, Seoul, Korea.
  • Nansu Zong, Dong-Hyuk Im, Sungkwon Yang, Hyun Namgoong, Hong-Gee Kim, Dynamic Generation of Concepts Hierarchies for Knowledge Discovering in Bio-medical Linked Data Sets. ACM International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (ACM ICUIMC 2012) , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, February 20-22, 2012


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea.

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