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Michael Walker, Ph.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

Contact Information

  • Ph.D. Stanford University. Biomedical Informatics. 1992
  • B.Sc. Queen's University, Canada. Geology. 1975
  • University of California San Diego. 2013 to present.
    • Biomedical Sciences 285: Statistical inference and experimental design
    • Biomedical Informatics 268: Statistics concepts for biomedical research
  • Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. 2011 to present.
    • Graduate and post-doctoral courses:
      Introduction to Statistics, Intermidiate Statistics using R, Catergorical and Survival Data Analysis
  • University of California Irvine. 2011 to present.
    • Statistics 8: Introductory Biostatistics
    • Statistics 110/201: Linear regression models
    • Statistics 250: Biostatistics with SAS
  • Stanford University. 1992 to 2011.
    • Undergraduate & graduate courses:
      Statistics 210: Statistics for biology and medicine
      Statistics 212: Applied statistics using SAS
      Biomedical Informatics 303: Statistics for research

    • Continuing Studies courses:
      Statistics: A gentle introduction
      Statistics for biomedical research, biotechnology and drug development
  • University of California Extension. 2002 to present
    • Statistical Analysis and Modeling
    • Statistics for Research
    • Personalized Medicine
    • Design of Experiments
    • Drug Development and Clinical Trials
  • Teaching at other institutions and industry. 1992 to present
    • Beijing Genome Institute, European Bioinformatics Institute, South Africa National Bioinformatics Institute,  U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Applied Biosystems, Aclara, CardioDx, Genitope, Genomic Health,  Harvard, Incyte, ISIS, Maxygen, Molecular Devices, Nodality,Pepgen, RBM, Renovis, Rigen, Roche,  Scripps, UC Berkeley, XDx & others.

    Selected Publications

    • Hoste EA, et al, “Derivation and validation of cutoffs for clinical use of cell cycle arrest biomarkers”. Nephrology Dialysis Transplant 2014 Sep 18. pii: gfu292
    • Bihorac A. et al. Validation of cell-cycle arrest biomarkers for acute kidney injury using clinical adjudication. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2014 Apr 15;189(8):932-9.
    • Kashani K. et al. Discovery and validation of cell cycle arrest biomarkers in human acute kidney injury. Crit Care. 2013 Feb 6;17(1):R25.
    • Kasner S.E. et al. Transcranial laser therapy and infarct volume. Stroke. 2013 Jul;44(7):2025-7.
    • Handorf CR. et al. A multicenter study directly comparing the diagnostic accuracy of gene expression profiling and immunohistochemistry for primary site identification in metastatic tumors. Am J Surg Pathol. 2013 Jul;37(7):1067-75.
    • Huisa BN. et al. Transcranial laser therapy for acute ischemic stroke: a pooled analysis of NEST-1 and NEST-2. Int J Stroke. 2013 Jul;8(5):315-20.
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