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Maria Adela Grando, PhD

Maria Adela Grando

Research Interests

  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Workflow-based computer interpretable guidelines
  • Goal-based planning
  • Argumentation Logic

Contact Information

San Diego Super Computer Center 2.93E

Education and Training

  • Post-docoral Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh (UK), School of Informatics, COSSAC, UK Cancer Research
  • PhD, Formal Languages and Applications, Rovira i Virgili University (Spain)
  • MSc, Computer Science, Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto (Argentina)
  • BS, Computer Science, Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto (Argentina)

Selected Publications

  1. M. A. Grando, L. Moss, D. Sleeman, J. Kinsella (2013) “Argumentation-logic for creating and explaining medical hypotheses”. Journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 58(1):1-13.
  2. M. A. Grando, D. Glasspool, A. Boxwala (2012) “Argumentation-logic for the flexible enactment of goal-based medical guidelines”. Journal Biomedical Informatics 45(5): 938-49.
  3. M. A. Grando, D. Glasspool, J. Fox (2012) ”A formal approach to the analysis of clinical computer-interpretable guideline modeling languages”. Journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 54 (1): 1-13.
  4. M. A. Grando, L. Moss, G. Bel-Enguix, M. D. Jimenez-Lopez (2012). “Argumentation-based dialogue systems for medical training”. Amy Neustein and Judith Markowitz editors. Book chapter in “Machine Talk: The Next Generation of NLP and Speech Technology”. Springer. On press.
  5. M. A. Grando, R. Schwab, A. Boxwala, N. Alipanah (2012). “Ontological approach for the management of informed consent permissions”.  2nd IEEE International Conference on Healthcare informatics, Imaging, and Systems Biology, UCSD San Diego, 51-60.
  6. M. A. Grando, S. F. Farrish, C. Boyd, A. Boxwala (2012). “Ontological approach for safe and effective polypharmacy prescription”. AMIA Conference 2012, 291-300.
  7. M. A. Grando, M. Peleg, M.Cuggia, D. Glasspool (2011). “Patterns for collaborative wok in health care teams”. Journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 53(3) 139-160.
  8. M. A. Grando, W.M.P. van der Aalst, R.S. Mans (2011), “Reusing a declarative specification to check the conformance of different CIGs”, 4th International Workshop on Process-oriented Information Systems in Healthcare 2011, in 9th Conf. on Business Process Managements.
  9. M. A. Grando, M H. Schonenber, W. van der Aalst (2011), “Semantic-based Conformance Checking of Computer Interpretable Medical Guidelines” (selected paper) International Conference of Health Informatics HealthInf BIOSTEC. Springer Verlag, pp. 5-16. Editors: V. Traver, A. Fred, J. Filipe, H. Gamboa.
  10. M. A. Grando, L. Moss, D. Glasspool, D. Sleeman, M. Sim, C. Gilhooly, J. Kinsella (2011) “Argumentation-logic for explaining anomalous patient responses to treatments” Conference Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Springer Verlag Berlin Editors: M. Peleg, N. Lavrac, C. Combi
  11. M. A. Grando, M H. Schonenber, W. van der Aalst (2011), “Semantic Process Mining for the verification of medical recommendations”. International Conference of Health Informatics HealthInf (Rome, Italy).
  12. M. A Grando, M. Peleg, D. Glasspool (2010). A goal-oriented framework for specifying clinical guidelines and handling medical errors. Journal Biomedical Informatics 43-2: 287-299.

Unpublished Manuscripts

  1. M. A. Grando, R. Schwab, A. Boxwala (2012) “An ontology-based engine for enacting clinical guidelines and recovering from exceptions”.