2014-2018 Skylar Kerzner
PhD program in Cognitive Science, MA completed

2013-2018 Shamim Mollah
PhD program in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 

2017-2018 Xiaojun (Max) Xu, PhD
Research Data Analyst, Moores Cancer Center

2016-2018 Nansu Zong, PhD
Researcher, Mayo Clinic

2013-2018 Stephanie Feupe Fotsing, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, La Jolla Institute of Immunology and Allergy

2014-2018 Adam Rule
Cognitive Science PhD

2017-2018 Miran Kim, PhD
Assistant Professor, UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics

2014-2018 Wenrui Dai, PhD
Assistant Professor, UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics

2016-2018 Gina Merchant, PhD
Behavioral Science Strategist in UX Design Team, Health Informatics Department at ResMed

2015-2017 Siddharth Singh, MD
Associate Physician in Gastroenterology, UC San Diego

2014-2017 Katherine Homann, MD
NLM Fellow Alumni

2013-2017 Kemal Eren, PhD
Machine Learning Research Engineer, Qeexo

2013-2017 Zachary Lipton, PhD
Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

2016-2017 Rodney Gabriel, MD 
Chief in Division of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain and Clinical Director of Anesthesia, UC San Diego 

2012-2017 Jing Zhang
Senior User Experience Analyst, OpenClinica

2016-2017 Giovanni Trioano, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, Northeastern University

2016-2017 Lizbeth Escobedo, PhD

2011-2017 Wei Wei, PhD
Data Scientist, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

2011-2017 Zhanglong Ji, PhD
Software Engineer at Noviland, Inc. 

2016-2017 Kaitlyn Kelly, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery, UCSD

2014-2016 Wenrui Dai, PhD  
Post-Doctoral Fellow, UC San Diego

2014-2016 Juan Chaparro
Physician at Nationwide Children's Hospital

2014-2016 Gilbert Ramirez, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, UC San Francisco

2011-2016 Eric Levy, PhD
BioInformatics Scientist at Personalis, Inc. 

2014-2016 Shima Salimi Tari
Software Engineer at Informatica

2015-2016 Rebecca Marmor, MD
Resident Physician in Surgery, UC San Diego

2014-2015 Samuel Ko
Software Engineer at Intuit

2014-2015 Brianda Herrera
Loyola Law School, Class of 2020

2015 - Murktarat Yussuff
PhD student in Communications, UCSD

2014-2015 Yujie Zhu
Informatician at Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital affiliated with Nanjing University Medical School

2011-2015 Ko-Wei Lin, DVM, PhD
​Project Manager, Center for Research in Biological Systems, UCSD

2014-2015 Augustine Obirieze, MD, MPH
Nanoengineering Doctoral Program, UCSD

2012-2015 Edna Shenvi, MD, MAS
General Surgery Residency Program, UCSD

2014-2015  Divya Chhabra, MD, MS
Fellow in Respiratory Medicine, Rady's Children's Hospital, San Diego, CA

2015 Chao Jiang
PhD program in Auburn University

2011-2014 Elizabeth Bell, MPH
Contracting Grant Specialist, Research Department, CSU San Marcos

2012-2014 Mindy Ross, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA

2011-2014 Alexander Hsieh
Biomedical Informatics PhD student, Columbia University

2014 Yong Li
PhD Student at Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU)

2014 Yuchen Zhang
PhD Student at Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU)

2013 Xin Tang
​Software Engineer at Alibaba

2013 Hannah Burkhardt
​Software Developer, Epic Systems Corporation

2011-2013 Maria Adela Grando, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Arizona State University

2011- 2013 Michael Conway, PhD
Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of California San Diego

2012-13 Yuan Wu, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Duke University

2012-13 Neda Alipanah, PhD
Semantics Solutions Manager, Thomson Reuters

2012-13 Ali Zifan, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow, Division of Gastronenterology, University of California San Diego

2012 Meng Xue
Software Developer, Oracle

2012 Pinghao Li
Software Engineer at China International Capital Corporation

2012 Wenchao Jiang
PhD Student, University of Minnesota

2012 Jose Eduardo Kroll, PhD  
Post-Doctoral, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

2011-13 Myoung (Mike) Lah, MS
Software Engineer, Microsoft

2011-13 Abishek Kumar, MS
Research Scientist, Facebook

2011-13 Colin Clancy
Full Stack Engineer, Tab32

2011-13 Seena Farzaneh, MS
Data Scientist, Motive Medical Intelligence

2011-12 Petra Stepanowsky, MSc
Research Associate, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria

2011-12 Stefan Brunner, MSc
Research Associate, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria

2012 Ruben Armananzas, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Bioinformatics and Genomics, University of North Carolina

2011-12 Alexander Sullivan
System Engineer, ViaSat

2011-12 Jialan Que, PhD (Visiting Student)
Analytical Scientist II, FICO

2011 James Perry, MD

2011 Ryan Weald
Engineering Team Lead, Lantern

2010-2013 Xiaoqian Jiang, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics), University of California San Diego

2010-2011 Marcio von Muhlen, PhD 
Product Manager, Dropbox

2010-2011 Vineet Sangwan, DDS 
Master's student SDSU

2010-2011 Melanie Osl, PhD

2010 Hyunchul Jung, MS
Researcher, National Cancer Center, South Korea

Alumni at Boston

2009-2010 Joaquin Blaya, PhD
Gerente Technologico, eHealth Systems, Chile

2007-2009 Ludwig Christian Hinske, MD,MS
Resident in Anesthesia, Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany

2007-2009 Kumiko Ohashi, RN, PhD
Research Associate, Brigham and Women's Hospital 

2007-2009 Erik Pitzer, PhD
Assistant Professor of Software Engineering, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria

2007-2008 Christopher Tsai, MD, MPH
Founder, Upwelling

2008 Pedro Galante, PhD 
Senior Researcher, Hospital Sirio-Libanes, Brazil

2007 James Signorovitch, PhD
Managing Principal, Analysis Group

2007 Rosa Figueroa, MS
Faculty, University of Concepcion, Chile

2006-2009 Ronilda Lacson, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

2006 Hyeoneui Kim, RN, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics), University of California San Diego

2006 Beatriz Vincent, MD, PhD
Education Specialist, Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil

2005-2006 Michael Blechner, MD
Assistant Professor of Patholgy, University of Connecticut

2004-2007 Michael Matheny, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University

2004-2007 Pankaj Sarin, MD, MS
Director of Medical Informatics, Department of Anesthesiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital

2004-2006 Esteban Pino, MS
Director of Bioengineering, University of Concepcion, Chile

2004-2005 Victor Robles, PhD
Dean of the School of Computer Science, Politechnic University of Madrid

2004-2005 Thomas Lasko, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University

2004 Cory McLean, MEng, PhD
Software Engineer, Google

2004 Nathan Vantzfelde, MEng
Senior Analyst at Knighthead Capital

2004 Jose Lozano, PhD
Professor of Computer Science, University of the Basque Country, Spain

2003-2006 Gustavo Santos, MEng, PhD
Research Associate, Dept of Medical Phys & Bioengineering, University College of London, England

2003-2004 Eun-Young Kim, MD, MS
Assistant Professor, Inje University, South Korea

2003-2004 Davide Zaccagnini, MD
Managing Director, Lynkeus

2003-2004 Jonathan Jackson, MEng
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Dimagi Inc.

2002-2004 John Chuo, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania

2001-2003 David Klapper, MD, MS
Neurologist, New York

2001 Andreas Albrecht, PhD
Professor in Computational Modeling and Simulation, Middlesex University, England

2000-2003 William Salomon, MD, MS, MPH
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, i-Medsoft, LLC

2000-2002 Tomohiro Sawa, MD, PhD
Director of Medical Informatics, Teikyo University Hospital, CIO Teikyo University, Japan

2000-2002 Nachman Ash, MD, MS
Deputy Director General for Medical Informatics, the Ministry of Health, Israel

2000-2002 Vishwanatah Anantraman, MBBS
Director, Information Architecture/Interoperability, Northshore eHealth Collaborative

2000-2001 Ju-Han Kim, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair, Division of Biomedical Informatics, Seoul National University, South Korea

2000 Raj Whagmare, MD
Emergency Physician, Southlake Regional Health Centre, Canada

2000 Felipe Atienza, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Valencia, Spain

2000 Tor-Kristian Jenssen, PhD
Head of Research and Development, PubGene

1999-2007 Griffin Weber, MD, PhD
Chief Technology Officer & Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

1999-2005 Winston Kuo, DDM, PhD
Chief Technology Officer, CloudHealth Genomics, Ltd

1999-2001 Fred Resnic, MD, MS
Physician, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

1999-2000 Steve Greenberg, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

1999-2000 Huan Le, MD
Pulmonologist, San Diego

1999-2000 Samuel Wang, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, Oregon Health Sciences University

1999 Jeremy Theal, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer, North York General Hospital, Canada

1998-2000 Michael Binder, MD
Professor of Dermatology, University of Vienna, Austria

1998-1999 Stephan Dreiseitl, PhD
Professor of Mathematics, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria

1998 Aleksander Ohrn, MS
Chief Scientist, Fast Search & Transfer ASA, Norway

1998 Hiroyuki Yoshihara, MD
Professor of Medical Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan

1997-1999 Gregory Sharp, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Vermont

1997-1999 Staal Vinterbo, MS, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine (Biomedical Informatics), University of California San Diego

1997 Carol (Cheng) Cain, PhD
Senior Director, Clinical Information Services, KP Care Management Institute

1996-1998 Todd Rowland, MD
Physician Executive and Consultant, Health Innovation Associates

1996-1997 Karim Almuhanna, MD
Consultant, Medical Informatics, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia

1996 Stavros Stivaros, MD
NIHR Clinician Scientist Fellow/Honorary Consultant Neuroradiologist, University of Manchester, England