MED262 - Current Trends in Biomedical Informatics

Time and Location During Winter Quarter, 2020: Fridays, 1:00 -2:00 p.m., January 10 - March 13, 2020.  Classes will meet in BRF2 5A03, except on Friday, February 28, when the class will meet in BRF2-4103.


  • Instructor: Jejo Koola
  • Everyone is welcome to attend!
  • Students: Sign up for MED262 to get 1 unit credit. DBMI Ph.D. students are required to complete 6 quarters of MED262 in order to fulfill Ph.D. curriculum requirements.


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Dr. Jonathan Chen, MD, PhD
Wisdom of the Crowd or Tyranny of the Mob?
Discovering and Distributing the Latent Knowledge Embedded in Clinical Data

Dr. Sandor Szalma
Computational Biology in Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Olga Patterson
Natural Language Processing at the VA: From research to operations
Dr. David Gutglass
​Pediatric clinical decision support:  the good the bad and the ugly.
​Dr. Forest Rowher

Near-Real Time Personalized Medicine and Cystic Fibrosis
​Dr. Sally Baxter
Evaluating the impact of electronic health record implementation and use on clinical workflows in ophthalmology
Dr. Steven Lane
Interoperability – Methods, Progress & Opportunities
Dr. Linda Awdishu
Pharmacogenomics of Drug Induced Kidney Injury
Dr. Brenda Simon
​The Intersection of Intellectual Property and Data
​Jason McNamara, MS
​How Working in Government Health IT Changed My Views About the Healthcare System...and My Mailman
​Dr. John Ayers
Real Time Research: Getting the Public Back in Public Health
​Dr. Ludmil Alexandrov
The Repertoire of Mutational Signatures in Human Cancer​
​Dr. Tracy Dixon-Salazar
Epilepsy Precision Medicine: A Personal and Scientific Perspective
​Dr. Jurgen Schulze
​3D Visualization and Segmentation of MRI Data of Crohn's Disease Patients
Dr. Cindy Schairer
Privacy Considerations for Future Data Stewards
​Dr. Aaron Neinstein
​Progress Toward Digital Transformation: APIs, Virtual Care, and Patient Engagement
​Dr. Brian Clay
Applied Clinical Informatics at UCSD
​Dr. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin
​Using the Creative Process as a Computational Framework for Unfolding Complex Systems
​Dr. Brandy Lipton
​Adult Medicaid Benefit Generosity and Receipt of Recommended Health Services among Low-income Children: The Spillover Effects of Medicaid Adult Dental Coverage