MED 276: Grant Writing Practicum

Thursdays 12:00 - 1:30pm at the Telemedicine Building, room 313 

Instructor: Lucila Ohno-Machado 

Administration: Send me email to dbmi-admin to get added to the course list and get an invite to the MED276 private folder.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the grant proposal process and how grants are reviewed
  • Provide practical experience in grant proposal writing and response to critiques
  • Emphasize the importance of team work and persistence in grant writing

This is a hands-on course. Students will review funded and non-funded grant proposals for different types of NIH awards, with an emphasis on K (mentored) and R (non-mentored) research awards. Students will have an opportunity to have their own proposals reviewed by instructors and classmates. The instructor will prepare a research proposal with help from the students. 

​​​ Date Topics
4/4/13Specific Aims, Scoring of Proposals
  1. review of 7 proposals (Specific Aims only)
  2. explain scoring system 
  3. homework: write anonymized Specific Aims for your project and deposit in MED276 sub-folder 4/11
4/11/13Specific Aims Revisited, Research Strategy Components
  1. review of some Specific Aims pages from the ones deposited in MED276
  2. guide to critiques with example, overview of components of the research plan
  3. homework: write background/motivation portion of the Research Strategy
4/18/13Research Plan: Motivation, Significance
4/25/13Approach and Innovation
5/2/13Evaluation, Timeline, Budget
5/9/13Preliminary Data, Investigator, Human Subjects
5/16/13Career Plan for K proposals, Subcontracts for R proposals
5/23/13Abstract, Facilities/Environment, Letters of Support
5/30/13Response to Reviews
6/6/13Next Steps: Managing Resources


Reference book:  The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook, by Stephen W. Russell and David C. Morrison, 2010. I will leave one copy at the hut and one at SDSC, there are NIH and NSF versions. We will focus on NIH.