MED265: Informatics in Clinical Environments

Course Director: Robert El-Kareh, MD, MPH

When and Where:

  • Lecture: Mon 10-10:50am in BRF2 5A03
  • Clinical site visits: Wed 8-11am at various sites

Office Hours: (Mon 11-11:50am) BRF2, Office 5A18

Course Overview
This course is designed to give students an introduction to various clinical environments within our healthcare system, the flow of information within these environments and to medical vocabulary. Clinicians and other professionals will provide an overview of each clinical site. In addition, each week, we will visit a site to experience how information is used to deliver patient care. Students will also develop an informatics or quality improvement project and briefly present the project to the class.

Grading Policies
Course grades will be based on:

  1. Participation in classroom discussions (30%)
  2. Participation in clinical site visits (30%)
  3. Weekly homework assignments (20%)
  4. Project proposal (20%)

Textbook: Chabner. The Language of Medicine, 10th Edition. Saunders 2013.