MED 264: Principles of Biomedical Informatics

Instructor:    Lucila Ohno-Machado, MD, PhD

Teaching Assistants: Alexander Wenzel and Nancy Yuan

When and Where for the 2018 Fall Class: Tuesdays and Thursdays, September 27 - December 13, 2018; 12:00-2:00 p.m.  Classes to be held at BRF2-5A03.

Office Hours:  by appointment 

Course Objectives
The purpose of this class is to provide an engaging and lively introduction to the field of biomedical informatics. Building up from the basic bits of data to modeling complex organisms and organizations, the course will explore the nature of biomedical information and how this information is and can be used in the care of individual patients and populations of peoples. We highlight practical and state-of-the-art technologies in biomedical informatics to get students exposed to the current healthcare research environment.

Course Syllabus

Date & TimeLecturersTopics
9/28/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmXiaoqian JiangIntroduction to biomedical informatics
10/3/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmMary Linn Bergstrom  Karen HeskettSystematic Reviews: Advanced Search Techniques for Optimal Use of the Literature
10/5/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmReid OtsujiUsing R in the Bioinformatics Context: Search GenBank & PubMed and process the results
10/10/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmWenrui DaiPrivacy Preserving Federated Medical Data Analysis
10/12/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmRobert El-KarehClinical Decision Support 
10/17/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmClaudiu FarcasScaling Science through Software Engineering
10/19/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmAmy SitapatiApplied Clinical Informatics: Population Health
10/24/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmShuang WangProtecting Medical Data Privacy in Biomedical Research Studies
10/26/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmTsung Ting KuoIntroduction to the Biomedical/Healthcare Blockchain
10/31/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmLuca BonomiRecord linkage for biomedical studies
11/2/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmKai ZhengLatest Research on Health Information Technology's Unintended Consequences
11/7/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmJihoon KimBioinformatics application to Kawasaki Disease
11/9/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmJejo KoolaUsing Predictive Analytics in Clinical Decision Support
11/14/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmMichael HorgathFrom bits to qubits: can bioinformatics and medicine benefit from quantum computing?
11/16/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmSiddarth SinghPopulation Health Management in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
11/21/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmLucila Ohno-MachadoResearch methods (evaluation of models)
11/23/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmThanksgiving Break 
11/28/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmMichael WalkerExperiment design for biomedical informatics research
11/30/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmRebecca MarmorUsing Online Health Communities to Study Patient Decision-making
12/5/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmOlivier HarismendyData Sharing in Cancer Genomics
12/7/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmJina HuhWorking with Latinos population in mobile health research
12/12/17Tuesday12:00-2:00pmno class Final Presentation
12/14/17Thursday12:00-2:00pmno class Final Presentation

Grading Policies

Course grades will be based on:

  1. attendance (10%)
  2. mid-term project review (30%)
  3. project oral presentation (15%)
  4. project participation (15%)
  5. final project report (30%) 

Recommended Textbook
Shortliffe and Cimino eds. Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine, 3rd Edition. Springer 2006.