Summer Internship Program

Projects in our 10-week summer internship program cover a range of topic areas and vary according to the intern’s background and interests. Past projects have included predictive modeling for personalized medicine; privacy technology; natural language processing; image processing and retrieval; integration of genotypic, phenotypic, and behavioral patient data for discovery; and informed consent ontology and tools.

  • Open to:
    • undergraduate students
    • graduate students
    • postgraduates who have received their masters or doctorate within the past five years
  • The most highly qualified applicants have at least basic experience in computer science, human-computer interaction, or related disciplines
  • A stipend is paid sufficient for living expenses in San Diego
  • Must be at least 18 years of age by the program start date
  • Must be currently enrolled or employed at a university or other research institution
  • Must currently reside and be eligible to work in the United States

We are no longer accepting applications for the summer 2017 internship. 

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