Paid Summer Internship Program

Projects in our summer internship program cover a range of topic areas and vary according to the intern's background and interests. Past projects have included predictive modeling for personalized medicine; privacy technology; natural language processing; image processing and retrieval; integration of genotypic, phenotypic, and behavioral patient data for discovery; informed consent ontology/tools; and blockchain technology.

Internships will include:

  • Hands on experience
  • Learning about privacy standards and data
  • Online interactive coursework for learning R or Python through Datacamp
  • Presenting at an Annual Symposium
  • Work with experienced faculty, postdocs and students
  • Work with a designated Mentor
  • Office workspace
  • Stipend support

For Undergraduates:

  • In 2019, DBMI is excited to launch a 10-week summer internship program for undergraduate students in data science and biomedical informatics. There are 10 positions available. The experience combines didactic material with project-based learning led by faculty mentors. At the conclusion of the internship, teams will present projects at an annual symposium. 
  • The internship will be open to undergraduate students who are at least 18 years of age, currently enrolled or employed at a university or other research institution, and must be a U.S. citizen, or a legal permanent U.S. resident. 

For Graduate Students, M.D.'s, Other Postdocs and Veterinarians

  • Other 2-3 month internship opportunities are available for graduate students, M.D.'s, other Postdocs and Veterinarians from diverse backgrounds on a limited basis, and contingent upon funding. There are 4 positions available through the NIH Short Term Training Positions program, which encourages under-represented minority researchers in data science and informatics. Applicants must be from an under-represented minority (including women) and a U.S. citizen or a permanent legal U.S. resident.

Other Criteria for all internship applications:

  • Applicants are expected to be available 40 hours/weeks
  • The most highly qualified applicants have at least basic experience in computer science, human-computer interaction, or related disciplines
  • A stipend is paid to assist with living expenses in San Diego
  • Must be at least 18 years of age by the program start date
  • Must be currently enrolled or employed at a university or other research institution
  • Must currently reside and be eligible to work in the United States
2019 Timeline:

March 8 Application Period opens
April 8 Applications will no longer be accepted after April 8th
May 3
Rolling notifications of acceptance or waitlist status will be issued by May 3
June 17 Program begins with kickoff 2-Day Bootcamp
July 22Midterm evaluations
August 23Final presentations
August 23*Program concludes

* STTP interns may have a different end date.

 The Summer Internship Application Form is available for download on this link: 2019 DBMI summer internship application.docx

The Summer Internship Lecture Workshops 20192019_DBMI_Summer_Internship_Lectures_Workshops_v1.pdf