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2013 Summer Internship

Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth is a student at the University of Minnesota who is completing her MPH degree in environmental health and toxicology. She has also participated in the iDASH internship program for 2 years, helping with the informed consent project. She currently is a research associate at UCSD and will be helping with clinical trials during the course of the internship.

Presentation: Patient Preferences for Tiered Informed Consent: A Preliminary Survey - View video

Daniel Browne

Dan is an undergraduate biology student at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. He is passionate about science education and diabetes research, and aims to see type-1 diabetes cured in his lifetime. His past research experience has focused on nematode diversity and zebrafish genetics. A Virginia native, he enjoys Civil War history and the Blue Ridge, and plays drums and pick-up chess in his spare time.

Presentation: Genotype and Blood Glucose Dynamics of Type 1 Diabetes - View video

Melissa Huang

Melissa is a senior at UC San Diego pursuing a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Economics. Her interest is in software engineering and web development.  Over the last couple of years as a undergraduate student, she has worked on a couple of projects, such as a 9-bit processor computer architecture, trivial file transfer protocol, cellphone web enterprise, database project, compiler project, and a software engineering phonebook java project. Outside of school, she likes to read magazines about the latest computer and technology, novels, play tennis, and enjoy her time at the beach.

Presentation: use-it!: Usability Survey & Evaluation Integrated Tool - View video

Haoran Li

Haoran earned her B.A. at Hefei University of Technology in 2009, and is pursuing her Ph.D. at Emory University, both in computer science. Her areas of research are in differentially private synthetic data release and differentially private dynamic information. As a graduate student, Haoran is a recipient of Emory Laney Graduate School Fellowship and Chinese Council Scholarship. She enjoys watching movies, painting, and cooking.

Presentation: Privacy Preserving Support Vector Machine Using Public and Private Datasets - View video

Marcos Pedreiro

Marcos is currently a first year undergraduate student in the college of engineering at Cornell University and plans to major in Computer Science. He interned at Lockheed Martin in 2010, performing data analysis on the Geotail and Cluster satellites. He enjoy community service, contributing over 200 hours throughout my high school career, along with creating art and graphic resources in photoshop, drawing and swimming.

Presentation: Visual Data-Driven Tool for Shared Decision Making - View video

Asad Rana

Asad is currently working towards a B.S. in BioInformatics at the University of California, San Diego. After he completes his undergraduate studies, he intends to pursue a Masters degree. during his first year at UCSD he worked with Dr. George Nicola on a project that aimed to archive SIO researchers data into a database to make it more accesible for the researchers and the public. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer and football.

Presentation: Informed Consent Web Tool - View video

Amin Roozgard

Amin is a Ph.D. candidate and graduate research assistant at University of Oklahoma-Tulsa (OU-Tulsa) and his advisor is Professor Samuel Cheng. He received my M.S. degree in computer engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2009 and his B.S. degree in computer Engineering (Software Engineering) from Iran University of Science and Technology in 2006. 

Presentation: Genomic Data Privacy Protection Using Compressed Sensing - View video

Claudia Wang

Claudia is a third year undergraduate at the University of Virginia, majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She currently works as a research assistant in an Ultrasound Lab where she investigates the use of microbubbles as tracers for molecular imaging. Her research also utilizes MATLAB to collect and process data from an ultrasound transducer. In her free time, Claudia enjoys dancing, reading and cooking.

Presentation: Physician Re-access of Patient Charts After Handoffs - View video