News and Announcements

02.12.18  - Check out our new paper in Nature Neuroscience:

09.15.17 - Dr. Gorkin was recently featured on the N=1 Podcast! Check it out here. 

Our Mission

The term "epigenome" refers to the collection of chemical modifications to the DNA and chromatin in the nucleus of a cell, which profoundly influence the functional output of the genome. Epigenome research can provide novel insights into many long-standing questions pertaining to gene regulation and genome function and has the potential to significantly improve our knowledge of human biology and disease. 

Our mission at the Center for Epigenomics is to make transformative discoveries, by applying cutting-edge epigenomic technologies to critical basic and clinical research questions.


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Center for Epigenomics
University of California, San Diego

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Lab phone: 858-246-2650