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Kevin Corbett

Kevin D. Corbett, PhD

Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Contact Information

Office: 858-534-7267
Fax: 858-534-7750

University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive 
CMM East, Room 2058
La Jolla, CA 92093-0660

Lab Website

Our lab is focused on the molecular mechanisms of chromosome segregation in meiosis. We use biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, and genetics in S. cerevisiae to probe the structure, function, and interactions between proteins involved in meiotic chromosome pairing, crossover initiation and maturation, and chromosome segregation.


Research Focus Areas:

Biochemistry and Structural Biology  |  Cell Division and Cell Cycle Control


Dr. Corbett's Publications (PubMed)


Selected Publications: 

Kim Y., Rosenberg S.C., Kugel C.L., Kostow N., Rog O., Dernburg A.F., Corbett K.D. (2014) The chromosome axis controls meiotic events through a hierarchical assembly of HORMA domain proteins. Developmental Cell 31(4): 487-502.

Sarangapani K.K., Duro E., Deng Y., de Lima Alves F., Ye Q., Opoku K.N., Ceto S., Rappsilber J., Corbett K.D., Biggins S., Marston A.L., Asbury C.L. (2014) Sister kinetochores are mechanically fused during meiosis I. Science 346(6206): 248-251.

Corbett K.D., Desai A. (2014) A new piece in the kinetochore jigsaw puzzle. Journal of Cell Biology 206(4): 457-9.

Corbett K.D.*, Harrison S.C. (2012) Molecular Architecture of the Yeast Monopolin Complex. Cell Reports 1(6):583-589.

Maddox P.S., Corbett K.D., Desai A. (2011) Structure, Assembly and Reading of Centromeric Chromatin. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 22(2):139-147.


Cho U.-S., Corbett K.D., Al-Bassam J., Bellizzi J.J., De Wulf P., Espelin C.W., Miranda J.J., Simons K., Wei R.R., Sorger P.K., Harrison S.C. (2011) Molecular Structures and Interactions in the Yeast Kinetochore. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology 75:395-401.


Corbett K.D., Yip C.K., Ee L., Walz T., Amon A., Harrison S.C. (2010) The monopolin complex cross-links kinetochore components to regulate chromosome-microtubule attachments. Cell 142(4): 556-567.