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Karen Oegema, PhD

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Member, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Contact Information

Lab: 858-534-9577
Fax: 858-534-7750

University of California San Diego
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research 
9500 Gilman Drive 
CMM East, Room 3071 
La Jolla, CA 92093

Lab Website

The Oegema lab takes parallel approaches in mammalian cells and using the C. elegans embryo as a metazoan model system to study cell division and embryonic development.


Research Focus Areas:

Cell Division and Cell Cycle Control  |  Genetics and Genomics  |  Signal Transduction  |  Stem Cell Biology  |  Systems Biology 


Dr. Oegema's Publications (PubMed)


Selected publications:

Bahmanyar, S., Biggs, R., Schuh, A.L., Desai, A., Müller-Reichert, T., Audhya, A., Dixon, J.E., and K. Oegema. 2014. Spatial control of phospholipid flux restricts endoplasmic reticulum sheet formation to allow nuclear envelope breakdown. Genes Dev. 28:121-126.

Green, R.A., Mayers J.R., Wang, S., Lewellyn, L., Desai, A., Audhya, A., and K. Oegema. 2013. The midbody ring scaffolds the abscission machinery in the absence of midbody microtubules. J. Cell Biol. 203:505-520.

Zanin, E., Desai, A., Poser, I., Toyoda, Y., Andree, C., Moebius, C., Bickle, M., Conradt, B., Piekny, A., and K. Oegema. 2013. A Conserved RhoGAP limits M-phase contractility and coordinates with microtubule asters to confine active RhoA to the cell equator during cytokinesis. Dev Cell. 26:496-510.

Lettman, M.M., Wong, Y.L., Viscardi, V., Niessen, S., Chen, S., Shiau, A.K., Zhou, H., Desai, A., and K. Oegema. 2013. Direct binding of SAS-6 to ZYG-1 recruits SAS-6 to the mother centriole for cartwheel assembly. Dev. Cell. 25:284-298.

Green, R., Kao, H.L., Audhya, A., Arur, S., Mayers, J.R., Fridolfsson, H., Schulman, M., Schloissnig, S., Niessen, S., Laband, K., Wang, S., Starr, D., Hyman, A., Schedl, T., Desai, A., Piano, F., Gunsalus, K.C., and K. Oegema. 2011. A high-resolution C. elegans essential gene network based on phenotypic profiling of a complex tissue. Cell. 145:470-482.