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Bing Ren, PhD

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Member, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Contact Information

Office: 858-822-5766
Lab: 858-822-5767
Fax: 858-534-7750

University of California San Diego
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research 
9500 Gilman Drive 
CMM East, Room 2057 
La Jolla, CA 92093

Lab Website

Our laboratory is interested in understanding how the complex gene regulatory networks in mammalian cells control cellular proliferation and differentiation. The research is divided into two general areas: 1) the development of genomics and bioinformatics tools that allow genome wide identification of regulatory targets for transcription factors; and, 2) the application of these tools to the study of transcription factors that play critical roles in cancer.


Research Focus Areas:

Genetics and Genomics  |  Gene Expression and Regulation  |  Signal Transduction


Dr. Ren's Publications (PubMed)