Cancer Biology, Informatics & Omics Trainees


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​Predoctoral Trainees

​Name ​Undergraduate Education  Lab  Grant Year 
Alexander HamilUC Irvine-B.S. ​Dowdy2011, 2012
​Nicholas VinckierUC Santa Barbara-B.S. Sander 2011 
Stephanie WengUC Santa Barbara-B.S. Zhang 2011, 2012 
Cara BickersUSC-B.S.Traver 2013, 2014
Julia NussbacherBrown University-B.S.Yeo 2012, 2013
Amelia RichardsonBrigham Young University-B.S. Desai 2012, 2013 
Aaron Springer CSU Pomona-B.S. Dowdy 2013, 2014 
Elaine Guo Rice University-B.S. Kolodner 2015 
Nathan Jameson Arizona State-B.S. Furnari 2015 
Nicholas Kalogriopoulos University of Wisconsin-B.S. Ghosh 2014, 2015 






​Postdoctoral Trainees


Name  Previous Institution-Degree  Lab  Grant Year 
Kirsten Ludwig University of Virginia-Ph.D. Wang 2011, 2012 
Peter Ly University of Texas-Ph.D. Cleveland 2013 
Maricel Gozo Cedars-Sinai Medical Center-Ph.D. Cheresh 2013, 2014 
Christie Eissler Purdue University-Ph.D. Zhou 2014, 2015 
Sebastian Gomez-Cavazos  UC San Diego-Ph.​​D. Oegema 2014, 2015 
Guowei Wu UC San Diego-Ph.D. Fu 2015


Research Topics

​​​​Peter Ly, Ph.D. Christie Eissler, Ph.D. 
Mechanisms of micronuclei-mediated chromosome fragmentation and religation in localized genomic rearrangements Role of protein SUMOylation in assembly of the DNA replisome
J. Sebastian Gomez-Cavazos, Ph.D. Guowei Wu, Ph.D.​​
Functional targets of Plk-1 and the chromosome Passenger Complex that control contractile ring assembly during cytokinesis​​

Role of splicing kinase SRPK1 in cancer signaling

Kirsten Ludwig, Ph.D.* Maricel Gozo, Ph.D.​*​​
Role of RB and beta-catenin in TNF-induced apoptosis in colon ​cancer cells​​

Novel strategies to overcome EGFR inhibitor resistance​​

*Not Pictured