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CBIO Training Program Lecture Schedule


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Date Speaker  Lab  Title of Talk 
2021 / 2022
Shiruyeh Schokrpur, Postdoc Trainee
​Gutkind Lab
Harnessing mRNA Delivery and the
XCL1-XCR1 Dendritic Cell Axis to
Enhance Cancer Response to Immunotherapy
Mark Kelly, Postdoc Trainee
​Ideker Lab
Mapping Cancer Signaling Pathways
through In Situ Dominant Mutations
Dominic Schenone, Predoc Trainee
Heinz Lab
HOXB13 Estrogen Receptor (ER)
Re-programming in ER-Positive Breast Cancer
Alex Tankka, Predoc Trainee
​Yeo Lab
Identifying RNA-Binding Protein Vulnerabilities
in Breast Cancers with
Unique Mutational Backgrounds
Stephanie Fraley, Ph.D.
​Associate Professor,
Department of Bioengineering
Identifying Regulators of
Breast Cancer Heterogeneity through
Phenotypic Sorting and Single Cell Sequencing
Ryan Setten, Postdoc Trainee
​Yeo Lab
Targetting the MLL-AF9 Oncogene
of AML with Antibody-Conjugated
Vineet Bafna, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of
Computer Science & Engineering
Computational Methods for Analyzing
Extrachromosomal DNA in Cancer
Robert Signer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of
Medicine, Division of
Rengerative Medicine
Targetting the Proteostasis Network
in Normal and Malignant Stem Cells
Juan Hernandez, Predoc Trainee
Huang LabMethyltransferase PRMT5 Promotes
Expression of Colon Tumor
Stem Cell Marker DCLK1
Pradipta Ghosh,Ph.D.
Professor, Cellular and Molecular
Medicine; Director, Institute for
Network Medicine
Grant Writing Workshop
2020 / 2021
​Victoria Wu, Predoc Trainee;
Alexandra Tankka, Predoc Trainee;
Dominic Schenone, Predoc Trainee; 
Ryan Setten, Ph.D., 
Postdoc Trainee
​Gutkind Lab;
Yeo Lab;
Sven Lab; 
Dowdy Lab
GPCRome in Tumor-Targeting T cells;
MicroRNA-mRNA Pairs in MYC-Driven Cancer;
HOXB13 Effects on ER+ Breast Cancer;
Targeting AML Oncogene
​External Advisory Committee Meeting
with Trainees (55 minutes) 
​with Executive Committee (35 minutes)
​Meghana Padagala, Predoc Trainee; 
August Williams, Predoc Trainee; 
Dan Cunningham-Bryant, Ph.D.,
Postdoc Trainee
​Carter Lab;
Hangauer Lab;
Ren Lab
​Germine Variant Effects on Immunotherapy;
Apoptotic Nuclease Drives Drug Resistance;
Spatial Epigenomics in Tissues  
​Ryan Setten, Postdoc Trainee
​Dowdy Lab
​Targeted Ablation of AML Oncogene with
Antibody-Conjugated RNAi

​Dominic Schenone,
Predoc Trainee
​Heinz Lab
HOXB13 Estrogen Receptor Reprogramming in
HR+ Breast Cancer
​Alexandra Tankka,
Predoc Trainee
​Yeo Lab
​Identification of microRNA-mRNA gene silencing
interactions required for MYC-driven cancer growth
​Victoria Wu, Predoc Trainee
​Gutkind Lab
​Targeting the Prostaglandin Receptor Gas
Axis as a Novel Immune Checkpoint
of Cytotoxic
T-Cells in Cancer
​Dan Cunningham-Bryant, Ph.D.
​Ren Lab
​Deciphering Context-Specific Enhancer Function
Using Highly Multiplexed Imaging
Esther Park, Ph.D.
Rich Lab
​Targeting Cancer-Specific Innatye Immunity with
Zika Virus
​August Williams, Predoc Trainee
​Hangauer Lab
Revealing the Origin of Acquired Drug Resistance
Mutations in Cancer
​Meghana Pagadala, Predoc
​Carter Lab
Germline Variants that Modify Tumor-Immune
​Chris Putnam, Ph.D.
​Assistant Professor, Department of
​CRISPR Pickels & Bagel
​Jason Sicklick, MD
​Professor and Executive Vice Chair
of Research, Department of Surgery
​Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor: Slicing the
Pie and Cutting Through the Tumor
​Ed Stites, MD, Ph.D.
​Assitant Professor, Hearst Foundation
Developmental Chair, Salk Institute for 
Biological Sciences
​Understanding Your Data and How it is Analyzed
​2019 / 2020
​Dan Cunningham-Bryant, Ph.D.
​Ren Lab
Engineering Chromatin Loops to Interrogate Role
of Chromatin Structure in Oncogenesis
​Dan Lorenz, Ph.D.
​Yeo Lab
Using direct RNA sequencing to uncover RNA
modifications in cancer
​Victoria Wu, Predoc Trainee
​Gutkind Lab
​Targeting cancer-specific innate immunity with
Zika virus
​August Williams, Predoc Trainee
​Hangauer Lab
​Revealing the Origin of Acquired Drug Resistance
Mutations in Cancer
​Meghana Pagadala,
Predoc Trainee
​Carter Lab
​Germline Variants That Modify Tumor-Immune
​Erica Silva, Predoc Trainee
​Ideker Lab
​A Dynamic Perspective of DNA Damage Response
​Ludmil Alexandrov, Ph.D.
​Assistance Professor, Department of 
Cellular and Molecular Medicine
​The Repertoire of Mutational Signatures in Human
​Debashis Sahoo, Ph.D.
​Assistant Professor, Department of
​Developing Computational Models of Biological
Systems Using Boolean Implication Network
​Bing Ren, Ph.D.
​Professor, Department of Cellular and
Molecular Medicine
Single-Cell Analysis of Genome Regulation
 ​2018 / 2019
​Dan Lorenz, Ph.D.
​Yeo Lab
Using direct RNA sequencing to uncover RNA
modifications in cancer
​Jason Ear, Ph.D.
​Ghosh Lab
Subcellular localization of Daple regulates distinct
function during CRC progression
​Soo Park, MD
​Bajar Lab
DNA methylation patterns in response to
hypomethylating agents in MDS
​Ayush Kishore, Ph.D.
​Gutkind Lab
Targeting G protein-coupled receptors in
glioblastoma stem cells
​Carlos Medina, Predoc Trainee
​Dowdy Lab
​Role of MLL-AF9 fusion oncogene in
establishment, maintenance, and recurrence of
Acute Myeloid 
​Myan Do, Predoc Trainee
​Willert Lab
WNT/FZD7 signaling in stem cells and cancer
​Erica Silva, Predoc Trainee
​Ideker Lab
A dynamic perspective of DNA damage response
​Elaine Guo, Predoc Trainee
​Kolodner Lab
​Effects of FEN1 loss on cancer cells with BRCA1 or
BRCA2 defects
​Gene Yeo, Ph.D.
​Professor, Department of
Cellular and Molecular
​RNA binding proteins: Engineers of human health
​Chris Putnam, Ph.D.
​Assistant Professor of Medicine
​Strategies for understanding results from large
genetic screens
 2017 / 2018
06/01/18 Tariq Rana, Ph.D. ​Professor of Pediatrics TBD 
05/04/18 Olivier Harismendy, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of Medicine Evolution and Characterization of Chemo-Resistance at Single-Cell Resolution
04/06/18 S. Park, MD ​Bejar Lab  Genomic Correlates of IL-2 Response in Advanced Melanoma and Renal Cell Carcinoma
03/02/18 Ayush Kishore, Ph.D. Gutkind Lab  GNAQ-FAK Signaling in Ocular Melanoma 
02/02/18 Nathan Jameson Furnari Lab  Epigenetic regulation of EGFR in Glioblastoma 
01/05/18 Peter Ly, Ph.D. NIH Pathway to Independence Awardee  Rebuilding After Catastrophe: How Cell Division Errors Shape the Cancer Genome 
12/01/17 Elaine Guo, BS Kolodner Lab  Synthetic Lethal Targeting of BRCA-Deficient Cancer 
11/03/17 Jason Ear, Ph.D. Ghosh Lab  Dissecting the Role of DAPLE in Colorectal Cancer 
10/06/17 Carlos Medina, BS Dowdy Lab  Genomics of Recurrent Acute Myeloid Leukemia 
Myan Do, BA Willert Lab  Wnt Receptor FZD7 in Cancers and ES Cells 
 2016 / 2017
06/02/17Jill Mesirov, Ph.D.Medicine Computational Cancer Genomics
05/05/17Nathan Jameson, Predoc TraineeFurnari Lab Understanding EGFRVIII Genomic Breakpoints through CRISPR Modeling
04/07/17Wendy Huang, Ph.D.Cellular and Molecular Medicine RNA Helicases and Non-Coding RNA in Immune Regulation
03/03/17Mohit Jain, MD, Ph.D.Medicine and Pharmacology Cancer Metabolomics
02/03/17Sven Heinz, Ph.D.Cellular and Molecular Medicine Medical Epigenomics in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
01/06/17Matteo D'Antonio, Ph.D.Frazer Lab Kataegis Expression Signature in Breast Cancer is Associated with Late Onset, Better Prognosis and Higher HER2 Levels
12/02/16Jin Zhang, Ph.D.Pharmacology Spatiotemporal Regulation of Signaling
11/04/16 Hannah Carter, Ph.D.Medicine and Bioengineering Network Perturbing Cancer Mutations  
10/07/16 Guowei Wu​Fu Lab SRPK1 Inhibition in Cancer Signaling 
09/09/16 Debashis Sahoo, Ph.D. ​Pediatrics and Computer Science A New Framework to Understand Cancer Cells 
 2015 / 2016
05/06/16 Christie Eissler, Ph.D. ​Zhou Lab The Role of Sumoylation in Chromosome Translocation 
04/01/16 Guowei WuFu Lab  SRPK1: A Tumor Suppressor, Oncogene or Both? 
03/04/16 Elaine Guo ​Kolodner Lab  Synthetic Lethality Relationships Involving Genome Instability 
02/05/16 Nicholas Kalogriopoulos Ghosh Lab  Cross-Talk Between RTKs and Trimeric G Proteins 
01/08/16 Nathan Jameson Furnari Lab  Chromatin Dynamics and Dysregulation Caused by EGFRvIII Deletion in Glioblastoma 
12/04/15 Xiang-Dong Fu, Ph.D. Fu Lab  SRPK1: A Potential Key Cancer Target 
11/06/15 Peter Ly, Ph.D. Cleveland Lab  Fragmentation and Reassembly of a Specific Human Chromosome in Micronuclei 
10/02/15 Kelly Frazer, Ph.D. Pediatrics   Identification of Driver Mutations in Distal Regulatory Elements in Breast Cancer 
09/04/15 Clark Chen, MD/Ph.D.  Neurosurgery  Epigenetic Regulation of Glioblastoma Tumor Initiation 
2014 / 2015 
07/10/15 Jun Bao Fan, Ph.D. Zhang Lab  ISG15/Protein in Cancer Development: Friend or Foe? 
06/05/15 Sebastian Gomez-Cavazos, Ph.D. Oegema Lab  Exploring the roles of Plk1 and the Chromosome Passenger Complex during Cytokinesis 
05/01/15 Aaron Springer Dowdy Lab  Treating Cancer with BioReversible Prodrug RNAi Therapeutics 
04/03/15 Cara Bickers Traver Lab  Lineage Tracing of Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitors in Zebrafish 
03/06/15 Nicholas Kalogriopoulos Ghosh Lab  Role of G Proteins in Tumor Glucophagy: Lessons Learned From Diabetes 
02/13/15 Christie Eissler, Ph.D. Zhou Lab  Investigating the Role of Protein SUMOylation in Cell Cycle Dynamics and Genome Stability 
01/09/15 Gen-Sheng Feng, Ph.D. Feng Lab  Dissecting the Contradictory Roles of Signaling Molecules in Liver Cancer 
12/05/14 Maricel Gozo, Ph.D. Cheresh Lab  Stress-Induced Reprogramming of Epithelial Cancers 
11/07/14 Pradipta Ghosh, MD/Ph.D. Ghosh Lab 

Molecular Engineering to Explore, Access, and Modulate a Cancer Cell's Signaling Code

10/03/14 Paul Mischel, Ph.D. Mischel Lab  Targeting EGFR-P13-mTOR Signaling: A Central Role of mTORC2 in Cancer Metabolic Reprogramming 
09/05/14 Karen Oegema, Ph.D. Oegema Lab  Dynamic Cytoskeletal Rearrangement Underlying Cell Division in Cancer 
2013 / 2014
07/11/14 Steve Dowdy, Ph.D. Dowdy Lab  Death of a Dogma, Cyclin D Activates Rb by Mono-Phosphorylation 
06/06/14 Aaron Springer Dowdy Lab  Treating Cancer with BioReversible siRNN Produg RNAi Therapeutics 
05/02/14 Julia Nussbacher Yeo Lab  Roles of RNA Binding Proteins in RNA Metabolism and Protein Translation 
04/04/14 Amelia Richardson Desai Lab  Functional Analysis of Cohesin Mutants in Human Cancer 
03/07/14 Trey Ideker, Ph.D. Ideker Lab  Mapping the Genetic Networks of Cancer 
02/07/14 Kun-Liang Guan, Ph.D. Guan Lab  The Hippo-YAP Pathway in Organ Size Control and Tumorigenesis 
01/10/13 Cara Bickers Traver Lab  Building Tools for a Zebrafish Leukemia Model
12/06/13 Frank Furnani, Ph.D. Furnani Lab  EGF Receptor in Glioma Biology: Therapeutic Target and a Multifaceted Driver of Pathogenicity
11/01/13 Peter Ly, Ph.D. Cleveland Lab  Chromosomal Fragmentation Chromothripsis in Cancer
10/04/13 Maricel Gozo, Ph.D. Cheresh Lab  Determining Novel Strategies to Overcome EGFR Resistance 
09/06/13 David Traver, Ph.D. Traver Lab  Normal and Neoplastic Hematopoiesis 
2013 / 2012
07/05/13 Richard Kolodner, Ph.D. Kolodner Lab  DNA Damage Repair Mechanisms Drive Cancer 
06/07/13 Stephanie Weng Zhang Lab  Exploring Mechanisms to Reduce Leukemogenic Potential of AML-1-ETO 
05/03/13 Alex Hamil Dowdy Lab  siRNN Induced RNAi Responses to Treat Cancer 
04/05/13 Gene Yeo, Ph.D. Yeo Lab  Studies of RNA Binding Proteins Associated with Neurological Disease 
02/01/13 Brian Thacker 
Esko Lab  The Role of Heparan Sulfate 3-O Sulfation in Tumor Angiogenesis
01/04/13 Nicholas Vinckier Sander Lab  The Roles of SOX9, HES1, and NGN3 in Progression of Pancreatic Ductal Adnocarcinoma (PDAC)  
12/07/12 Julia Nussbacher Yeo Lab  RNA Binding Protein Regulation of RNA Metabolism 
11/02/12 Pradipta Ghosh, MD/Ph.D. Ghosh Lab  Transactivation of G-Protein by Tyrosine Kinases 
10/05/12 Kirsten Ludwig, Ph.D. Wang Lab  Stem Cell Growth Factor Control of Colon Cancer Invasiveness 
09/07/12 Amelia Richardson Desai Lab  Cohesin Complexes Mutations in Cancer 
2011 / 2012
06/01/12 Nicholas Vinckier Sander Lab  Notch Signaling in Progression of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) 
05/04/12 Alex Hamil Dowdy Lab  Induction of Synthetic Lethal RNAi Response to Treat Cancer 
04/06/12 Anthony Beas Farquhar Lab  Gas Regulation of EEA1 Shuts Down Proliferation Signaling Through GIV (Girdin) 
03/02/12 Stephanie Weng Zhang Lab  Haploinsufficiency in t(8;21) AML Patients 
02/03/12 Brian Thacker Esko Lab  Heparan Sulfate 3-O Sulfotransferases in Cancer 
01/06/12 Jean Wang, Ph.D. Wang Lab  Resistance of Leukemic Stem Cells to Oncogene Targeted Therapies 
12/02/11 Spencer Wei Yang Lab  Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) Programming During Breast Cancer Metastasis 
11/01/11 Brian Meade Dowdy Lab  Development of Novel RNAi Therapeutics with New Synthetic Chemistr
10/07/11 Kirsten Ludwig, Ph.D. Wang Lab  p190RhoGap and Anillin Modulation of Rho-GTP During Cleavage Furrow Formation 
09/09/11 Steve Dowdy, Ph.D. Dowdy Lab  Regulation of G1 Cell Cycle Progression in Cancer