Vector Development Core Laboratory

Dr. Atsushi Miyanohara

Atsushi Miyanohara, PhD, is an experienced molecular biologist who has supervised the Vector Core Laboratory of the UCSD Program in Human Gene Therapy since its inception in 1995. He has longstanding extensive experience dealing with the design, preparation and properties of retrovirus, lentivirus, HSV1, adenovirus and AAV vectors. Dr. Miyanohara is one of the principals in the development of the VSV-G pseudotyping and VSV-G virosome techonologies.

Dr. Miyanohara's major research focus has been development of safe and efficient gene transfer vectors not only for gene therapy applications, but also for a variety of basic research including stem cells, cell reprogramming and transgenesis.

As the Director of the Vector Core Laboratory, Dr. Miyanohara has extensive mutual research collaborations and has made important conceptual and technical advances in basic and clinical gene therapy, particularly in neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Miyanohara received his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from Osaka University in Japan. Before he came to UCSD, his research had included hepatitis B virus, recombinant production of blood coagulation factor VIII, and hybrid-toxins for AIDS and cancer therapy. He is an inventor of many patents including the hepatitis B vaccines derived from human plasma and recombinant DNA technology, hybrid-toxins, and retrovirus packaging cell lines. 

About the Lab

Welcome to the UCSD School of Medicine's Program in Human Gene Therapy

The Vector Development Laboratory is a research recharge facility available to design and produce research-grade gene transfer materials and provide related services to meet the research needs of the UCSD facility and outside researchers. We are currently producing traditional or VSV-G psuedotyped Moloney murine leukemia virus, lentivirus, adenovirus, and adeno-associated virus vectors for gene delivery.

For further information on these or a variety of other services, please contact our Laboratory Directory, Dr. Atsushi Miyanohara.