Albert Y. Leung, MD


I have several areas of research interests: 1) To establish an acute pain model to study dynamic response of human brain to noxious stimuli in both health subjects and patients in chronic neuropathic pain states; 2) To study the dynamic response of human brain to either pharmacological or non-pharmacological interventions for pain; and 3) To explore and establish new means of palliative treatment for cancer pain and cancer-related symptoms. I have successfully completed a pilot study and acquired a K08 Grant from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to study the neuronal mechanism of acupuncture analgesia by utilizing peripheral quantitative neurosensory testing and functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI). The main goals of the current project are: 1) to quantitatively establish the peripheral sensory modality specific effect of acupuncture by using peripheral thermal neurosensory testing and behavioral measurement; 2) to establish central nervous system response to noxious thermal sensory stimulation with individually predetermined noxious thermal heat threshold by using fMRI and behavioral feedback monitoring; 3) to establish the central nervous system response to acupuncture by using fMRI and active behavioral feedback monitoring; and 4) to assess the corresponding effect of acupuncture on the perception of noxious peripheral thermal stimulation by using fMRI and active behavioral feedback monitoring.  5) To assess how variation in acupuncture needle positions and the duration of stimulation may alter the peripheral and central nervous systems response.

Publications (Selected From 18 Publications)

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