Randolph H. Hastings, MD, PhD

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Hastings’ laboratory studies mechanisms that regulate lung cancer progression, particularly involving parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP).  PTHrP is a paraneoplastic protein that is expressed in roughly two-thirds of all non-small lung carcinomas (NSCLC). The receptor for PTHrP is frequently present in lung cancers and is also made in pulmonary endothelial cells and other cells derived from normal lung. PTHrP exerts effects on cell growth, apoptosis and invasiveness. For example, Dr. Hastings has found that PTHrP modifies the sensitivity of lung cancer cells to apoptotic stimuli through a protein kinase A-dependent mechanism. Animal and patient studies in Dr. Hastings' laboratory indicate that PTHrP inhibits lung cancer growth and shortens patient survival. In patients with non-small cell lung carcinoma, tumor PTHrP expression is associated with longer survival consistent with an inhibitory effect of PTHrP on cancer. Interestingly, the protective effect of PTHrP occurs only in women, not in men. Ongoing work suggests that androgens inhibit lung cancer PTHrP expression through the Akt/MTOR pathway.

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