Farshad M. Ahadian, MD

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The focus of my research program encompasses three clinically relevant areas:  1) Percutaneous disc decompression.  The incidence of degenerative disc disease as a cause of persistent pain and disability is at epidemic proportions.  We have been able to achieve 80-90% success rate in treating a sub-group of these patients. The initial phase of this research was establishment of a patient registry to obtain safety and efficacy data on this treatment protocol. The PEDD registry was established in early 2004 and enrolment is ongoing.  2) Pulsed Radiofrequency Neurotomy (PRFN) has been a major focus of my research program. PRFN represents a significant recent advance in the use of radiofrequency currents in clinical practice. My research interests in this area include safety and efficacy, clinical applications of PRFN for refractory pain conditions and determination of optimal treatment parameters.  3) Neuromodulation. My research interest in the field of neuromodulation has been two-fold. With regards to spinal cord stimulation, my research activities have focused on reduction of revision rates due to lead migration. With regards to neuraxial drug delivery, my focus has been in the area of encapsulated liposomal morphine for post-operative analgesia.

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