Vector Development Core Laboratory Services

  1. The Vector Development Laboratory is prepared to produce a variety of research grade viruses and vectors for gene transfer studies, including:
  2. VSV-G pseudotyped retroviruses (for higher titer and expanded host cell range)
    Adeno-associated viruses
    Plasmid DNA
    Small lots of vectors expressing a reporter gene (E. Coli lac Z, EGFP, or DsRed) may often be available from existing stocks for immediate use in small scale feasibility experiments.

  3. Related services available in the Vector Developtment Laboratory include:
  4. Preparation of a variety of wild type viruses.
    Vector design and cloning of a gene of interest.
    Transduction of cells with the above vectors.
    Detection, titering and analysis of vectors.
    Assays for helper and or replication competent virus.
    Assistance with the Biosafety Use Authorization process. Safety Information
    Consultation or collaboration letters and cost estimate assistance for use in grant proposal budget preparation.