Regional Anesthesia

The Division of Regional Anesthesia is dedicated to designing and implementing extramurally-funded clinical research involving both human subjects, as well as laboratory-based projects. Current extramural funding exceeds $1.3 million, and we currently have eight active protocols, with three more in the development phase. The Division currently has one case report, four randomized, controlled trials, one review article, and one editorial in press, with three additional manuscripts submitted for publication and two manuscripts being prepared forsubmission.  Current topics of study:

  • Optimizing local anesthetic concentration for continuous lumbar plexus blocks
  • Continuous femoral nerve blocks following total knee arthroplasty and their effects on readiness-for-discharge and subsequent quality-of-life
  • Optimizing perineural catheter placement with the use of ultrasound, nerve stimulation, and a combination of the two modalities
  • The effect of perineural catheter placement insertion technique (ultrasound vs. nerve stimulation) on postoperative analgesia


  • Brian Ilfeld, MD, MS (Clinical Investigation)
    Director of Clinical Research
  • Benjamin Atwater, MD, PhD
  • Michael Bishop, MD
  • Ching-Rong Cheng, MD
  • Nick Kormylo, MD
  • Vanessa Loland, MD
  • Sarah Madison, MD
  • NavParkash S. Sandhu, MD, MS
  • Preetham Suresh, MD
  • Mark Wallace, MD
  • Tony L. Yaksh, PhD