​Follow these simple steps.

1. Connect with Research and Clinical Faculty, Residents and Fellows

If you are looking for a faculty mentor, please email us here. Provide as much detail as possible, including specific research interest along with research questions(s) you want to pursue.

If you are looking for residents or fellows to join you in a research study, please email us here.

2. Complete CitiTraining.

Residents are expected to register and complete the sections included within Biomedical Research Investigators. Choose this group to satisfy CITI training requirements for Investigators and staff involved primarily in Biomedical research with human subjects.

3. Seek Statistical Support.

The Department provides statistical support through the Clinical and Translational Research Institute and can be requested here.  Schedule time to meet with your statistician, review your proposal and request an estimated cost for the statistical support you need.  Submit this cost estimate for approval prior to proceeding.  Approval is required for cost reimbursement.

4. Submit your Proposal.

The Research Advisory Group

The RAG will serve as a primary advisory group for residents, fellows and faculty with respect to research related issues.  Involvement at early stages is encouraged and will be left up to individual needs.  Specific tasks that RAG can be involved in are critical review of abstracts, manuscripts, and grant applications.  In addition to the research advisory capacity, RAG will also evaluate and approve requests that involve department funds for the purposes of travel to conferences, initiation of resident projects, and general research needs in the department.  To accommodate the evaluation of the varied scope of research currently ongoing in the department, RAG will be Chaired by the Vice Chair for Research, Dr. Hemal Patel, and will also draw broadly from the faculty with two representatives from each subspecialty.

Residents, fellows and junior faculty members, and those faculty seeking funding from the Anesthesia Department are required to complete and submit a proposal to Dr. Hemal Patel.

The Department of Anesthesiology has provided standardized templates for presentations.  Please use these for all presentations, whether internal or external to the Department.

Please follow these suggestions for composing your presentations:

  1. Use as few words as possible.
  2. Use as many pictures, videos, and illustrations as possible.
  3. Make the lettering as large as possible with contrast against the background
  4. Go easy on transition effects. If overdone they are distracting.

M&M and Conference Presentation Template

Conference Poster Presentation Template

Journal Club Presentation Outline

Case Report Template (also available at Anesthesia & Analgesia)

5. Complete your IRB Application.

UCSD Human Subjects Protection Program

Once your proposal has been approved by the Research Advisory Group, please visit the IRB where you can download and complete the appropriate Application.