SmartTots Funding Anesthesia Research to Ensure Pediatric Safety

The purpose of SmartTots Funding Organization is to fund research with the goal of making surgery safer for the millions of infants and young children who undergo anesthesia and sedation each year.

As determined by Scientific Advisory Board, SmartTots will fund research focused primarily on three fundamental areas:

  1. What is the spectrum of general anesthetic agents, sedatives, surgical procedures, and/or opiates that cause developmental neurotoxicity? What are the doses, durations, and frequencies of exposure? What are the most vulnerable periods of development?
  2. Are there short- and long-term neurocognitive, emotional, behavioral, and/or social outcomes resulting from exposure to anesthetic agents?
  3. What approaches can be taken to prevent or mitigate developmental anesthetic neurotoxicity?

In February 2013, SmartTots released its second Request for Applications. In July 2013, two recipients were selected to receive a $200,000 each (paid over two years).