Navigating the Innovative Process

The von Leibig Center for Entrepreneurism, Rady School of Management, Jacob's School of Engineering, and the Institute of Engineering in Medicine have partnered with the CCRI to share their resources and opportunities and create the best chance for you to succeed, no matter where you are in the innovative process.

Every successful innovation goes through a series of stages. The processes unique to each stage requires a methodological and collaborative approach in order to travel the journey from idea generation through to commercialization. It begins with a new idea which is then subjected to a brainstorming process and eventually matures to a finalized concept. This concept then undergoes rigorous testing of the assumptions made in order to determine clinical/technical feasibility and impact.  This is the perfect opportunity to combine your innovation with research and design a protocol that tests your assumptions and aims to deliver the specifications for an alpha prototype that can be used to evaluate its clinical feasibility.

Once an idea passes clinical/technical feasibility, your prototype will likely undergo further design modifications that make it capable of being used in the real world.  With some innovations, an iterative design process is established where data collection drives prototype revisions; and, if the processes leading up to this point were rigorous and collaborative, your prototype has the best chance of being successful.  This is another perfect opportunity to pair your innovation with a research protocol that validates the user specifications and tests the ability for your prototype to do what you said it would do, and be something the end user would prefer over what they already do.

Once your innovation is ready to go to market, your innovation will undergo a reality check where market factors determine its commercial viability.

The CCRI is committed to partnering with you to help you navigate this seemingly complex process and ensure you have the best collaborating partners, resources and guidance most appropriate to your stage of innovation to keep it moving forward.