Student Groups

Collaborating with student groups provides a unique environment for your idea to incubate and mature through a series of technical, clinical and market feasibility experiments.  This process is often very rewarding and will empower you with a more comprehensive understanding of how to best develop and refine your innovation.

Highly motivated and enthusiastic engineering and business school students apply their knowledge, skills and academic resources investing an enormous amount of time and energy ensuring that your innovation, once developed, can be successfully commercialized.

This process can deliver amazing results if both the student group and the inventor(s) commit to teaching one another their expertise in an iterative fashion.  In this manner, each product design review or team meeting allows both teams to ensure the product development, marketing and commercialization processes do not go off point; and, the time, effort and resources that are devoted to your innovation, remain focused on the product specifications and attributes that are required to deliver a high selling value proposition and achieve market feasibility.

The CCRI will ensure the essential commitment to this iterative process is intact, thereby increasing the likelihood for student groups to achieve high merit in their curriculum and serves well to maintain a high level of attraction from student groups to work with inventors from our Department.  See Innovation for more details on the Department's innovation mentorship process.

  • The annual Zahn Prize Competition funds new innovations $20,000 to support early stage product development.
  • UCSD Rady Lab to Market performs market research and validation, feasibility studies, develop a business case and then a business plan and a go-to-market strategy.  To have your idea considered for this program, please contact Professor Delbert Foit.
  • Rady Venture Fund invests in seed and early stage companies preferably located in San Diego or Southern California. To apply, submit your company or contact Lada Rasochova.  The fund is associated with a graduate level course in Venture Capital Management.
  • StartR is a free, six month long accelerator at the Rady School of Management focused on hands-on early stage company development and mentoring. The accelerator provides a co-working space, workshop, funding for selected teams, and access to resources for early stage companies and student teams. For more information and application guidelines contact Lada Rasochova.
  • is a one-year program that combines funding, education, an executive mentor and an international network, awarding up to $100,000 for student teams to help get your company started.