Welcome to the Center for Cultivating Research and Innovation

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Mission Statement

The mission for the Center for Cultivating Research and Innovation is to drive innovation and research, and forge these two pathways to best leverage the University’s human, intellectual, clinical and research assets with the aim to maximize our Department's capacity to advance our field with significant and impactful discoveries.

Vision Statement

Our organization takes a world-class leading position bringing a multidisciplinary approach and deliberate collaboration with UCSD Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Business to cultivate and cross-pollinate research and innovation.

The Tony Yaksh Research Award

Each year, faculty nominates the senior class resident who has taken initiative and assumed accountability to carry through a high quality research project. This award has been named after one of our most highly esteemed, researchers and leaders in the academic community, Dr. Tony Yaksh. This award is one of the highest awards a resident can earn and is presented each year at graduation.