Laboratory Staff

Shelle A. Malkmus, BS, RVT - SRA IV

Laboratory Manager/Supervisor.  > 25 years of experience in preclinical analgesic / safety assessment and study management. 32 peer-reviewed papers and chapters. 

Joanne J. Steinauer, BS - SRA IV
Director of Imaging core.  > 20 years of experience in histology, specialized staining protocols and confocal microscopy. 

Kelly Eddinger, BS, RVT - SRA III
Senior technician.  >9 years experience in running complex animal studies defining analgesic activity and spinal drug safety. 10 peer-reviewed papers and chapters. 

Yuvicza Anchondo, BS, SRA I
Animal Technician.  >1year, with training in preclinical analgesic evaluation. 

Megan Mateo, BA - Executive Assistant
Manages departmental and University issues related to laboratory personnel and faculty and administrative activities.  >18 years of experience