Inflammation and Pain


  • Provide post-graduate trainees (MDs, DVMs and PhDs) with a two year research experience with a broad focus on the basic mechanisms and sequelae of pathological neuronal excitability as it is manifested in several disease states and conditions, which include pain, nerve injury and regeneration, inflammation (joint and neuronal), in addition to cardiac and neuraxial ischemia.
  • Emphasis on development of therapeutic drugs and translational research, however, understanding underlying molecular and system level mechanisms behind these conditions is key to our endeavors
  • Promote the development of state-of-the-art insights into pain and inflammation research
  • Prepare the trainees for successful carrers as independent investigators

Training program has two specific goals:

  • Promote growth in the ability of the trainee to understake sophisticated methodologies important to neurobiology in general and inflammation/neuronal excitability research in particular
  • Achieve competency in the allied elements of a research career, e.g. experimental design, data analyses, presentations, manuscript preparation and publication, and how best to obtain research funding, as well as lab management and job interview skills. Importantly, we strongly emphasize issues of collegiality and ethics in the research environment.


Linda Sorkin, Ph.D.
Professor of Anesthesiology
Phone: (619)543-3498
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