Airway Inventory Cart

Welcome to the UC San Diego Department of Anesthesiology Virtual Difficult Airway Cart.  This site contains a pictorial inventory of our implementation of a difficult airway cart, which is available at all times in our operating rooms.  The pictorial inventory is intended to provide more detailed guidance regarding cart design and organization than is available in the primary literature.  Our selection of one product over another may simply reflect availability and cost at the time this inventory was completed rather than our preference for one over another based on some feature or set of merits.

Drawer One: Preps
Alcohol prep. Oxymetazoline hydrochloride spray (Afrin)
Atomizer spray Silicone lubricant
Catheter, 22-gauge angio X 1 inch Stopcocks, three way
Gauze, 3 inch by 3 inch Syringes, 3 cc
Glycopyrrolate, 0.2 mg/ml Tetracaine, 0.45%, 49 ml
Lidocaine, 1%, 50 ml Tongue depressors
Lidocaine, 2%, 50 ml Xylocaine, 2%, Jelly
Needle, 25-gauge X 3.5 inch spinal Xylocaine, 5%, ointment
Needles, 19-gauge, 1.5 inch Xylocaine prep 4%, for topical spray
Albuterol Multi-dose Inhaler Cetacaine Spray
Drawer Two: Laryngeal mask airways, suction catheters, Yankauer tip
No. 1 laryngeal mask (neonate/infants) Laryngeal mask tube extensions
No. 2 laryngeal mask (babies/children) Catheter, suction, 14F, adult
No. 2.5 laryngeal mask (babies/children) Catheter, suction, 8 F, pediatric
No. 3 laryngeal mask (children/small adults) Yankauer suction tips
No. 4 laryngeal mask (normal/large adults)  
Drawer Three: Blades, Handles, and Combitube
Combitube Magill forceps (small)
Laryngoscope handle (regular) Magill forceps (large)
Laryngoscope handle (short)  
Macintosh blade no. 2 (child) Miller blade no. 1 (infant)
Macintosh blade no. 3 (adult) Miller blade no. 2 (child)
Macintosh blade no. 4 (adult, large) Miller blade no. 3 (adult, medium)
Drawer Four: Retrograde set and transtracheal jet ventilation (TTJV)
0.035 X 145 cm guidewire Needle, epidural with catheter
Catheter, 14-gauge intravenous (IV) (TTJV) Nerve hooks
Catheter, red rubber, Robinson urethral  
Clamps, Kelly Sutures, silk
Needle, 18-gauge thin-wall Surgical blade
Drawer Five: Airways and tube exchangers
Airway, Berman oral, 100 mm Nasopharyngeal airway, 26 F
Airway, Berman oral, 90 mm Nasopharyngeal airway, 28 F
Airway, Berman oral, 80 mm Nasopharyngeal airway, 30 F
Catheter, 14-gauge X 2 inch Nasopharyngeal airway, 32 F
Catheter, 16-gauge X 2 inch Nasopharyngeal airway, 34 F
Catheter, 18-gauge X 2 inch Needle, Benumof transtracheal (Cook)
Endotracheal Tube Exchanger Syringes, 20 cc
Tube Exhanger Jet Ventilation Adapters  
Drawer Six: Endotracheal tubes and lighted stylets
2.5 mm, uncuffed 7.0 mm, armored
3.0 mm, cuffed 8.0 mm, armored
3.0 mm, uncuffed Stylet, adult
3.5 mm, uncuffed Stylet, pediatric
4.0 mm, cuffed Lighted stylet, Anesthesia Medical Specialties
4.0 mm, uncuffed Lighted stylet, Imagica
4.5 mm, cuffed Lighted stylet, Imagica sheaths
4.5 mm, uncuffed Lighted stylet, Laerdal, handle
5.0 mm, cuffed Lighted stylet, Laerdal, disposable stylets
5.0 mm, uncuffed  
5.5 mm, uncuffed  
6.0 mm, cuffed  
7.0 mm, cuffed  
Drawer Seven: Masks, specialty blades, and miscellaneous
No 2. Patil-Syracuse mask for FOB Bronch swivel elbow
No 3. Patil-Syracuse mask for FOB Bullard blade, adult
No 4. Patil-Syracuse mask for FOB Bullard blade, small
No 5. Patil-Syracuse mask for FOB CO2 analyzer, Easy Cap, disposable
No 6. Patil-Syracuse mask for FOB Scissors
Airway, Ovassapian Tubing, O2 supply
Airway, Williams, 10 cm Tubing, suction connection
Airway, Williams, 9 cm WuScope, adult
Augustine guide WuScope, small
Belscope, adult  
Belscope, small