Basic Echocardiography for Non-Cardiac Surgery

This page is dedicated to teaching basic echocardiography for non-cardiac surgery. The goal of this is to come away with a qualitative understanding of echocardiography which you can use for hemodynamic assessment and goal directed therapy.  It consists of brief lectures, handouts associated with the lecture topic, and real life examples with over-reading.  Lectures and examples will be continually uploaded. Please direct any questions to Byron Fergerson.

 Basic Echocardiography Lecture Series

Each lecture is 10-20 minutes long.  Although some lectures consist of a detailed account of a topic, most are brief introductions to a concept with TEE and TTE examples.  These lectures alone will not suffice to become proficient at basic echocardiography, but they will get you started and act as short reviews as you practice.

  1. Basic TEE
  2. Why TTE
    1. Why TTE – Cases
    2. Why TTE – ICU
  3. Basic TTE
  4. Knobology
  5. Left Ventricle
    1. Systolic Function
    2. More on LV function
    3. Ischemia
    4. Cardiomyopathy
  6. Miscellaneous
    1. Volume for TTE
    2. Echo for Non-Cardiac Surgery