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9th Annual UC San Diego Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography Review Course banner
Friday, June 3, 2022
Registration and Breakfast
Session: Imaging Fundamentals
0715-0730 Welcome and Opening Remarks – Dalia Banks, MD, FASE
Basic Ultrasound Physics – Gerard Manecke, MD
Concepts of Imaging and Knobology – Brett Cronin, MD
0830-0900 Artifacts and Pitfalls: Misinterpretations and Illustrative Examples – Swapnil Khoche, MD
0900-0945 The Comprehensive TEE Exam: How to Get All the Views. Live presentation with a simulator Dalia Banks, MD, FASE/ Timothy Maus, MD, FASE
0945-1000 Break
Session: Left Ventricular Assessment
1000-1045 Diastology: Making Sense of the Numbers? Madhav Swaminathan, MD, FAHA, FASE
1045-1115 LV Systolic Function: Visual Estimation Versus Quantification – Brett Cronin, MD
1115-1145 LV Dysfunction: Ischemia and Cardiomyopathy – Timothy Maus, MD, FASE
1145-1315 Lunch (Individual TEE Workshop Sessions – Registration Required)
Session: Potpourri I  
1315-1345 Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Basic to Advanced – Swapnil Khoche, MD
1345-1430 Hemodynamic Assessment & Practice Questions – Stanton K. Shernan, MD, FAHA, FASE
1430-1445 Break
Session: Workshop Series – Echo-Anatomy Correlation
1445-1745 Overview of Cardiac Anatomy – Douglas Shook, MD, FASE
Hands-On Porcine Heart Dissection Workshop with 2D/3D TEE and Surgical Correlation – Douglas Shook, MD, FASE


Saturday, June 4, 2022
0630-0700 Breakfast
Session: Nuts and Bolts of the Mitral Valve – Part I
0700-0730 Echocardiographic Quantification of Mitral Regurgitation – Stanton K. Shernan, MD, FAHA, FASE
0730-0800 Echocardiographic Quantification of Mitral Stenosis
Douglas Shook MD, FASE
0800-0830 Ischemic MR - Repair or Replace? What Echo Data the Surgeon Needs to Know – Douglas Shook, MD, FASE
0830-0845 Break
Session: Complexities of Valvular Assessment – Part II
0845-0915 Mitral Regurgitation / Mitral Stenosis After Surgical Repair – Evaluation, Techniques and Guidance. Case PresentationBurkhard Mackensen, MD, PhD, FASE
0915-0945 Percutaneous Mitral Valve Repair – Are We There Yet? Burkhard Mackensen, MD, PhD, FASE
0945-1015 Challenging Tricuspid Valve Case Presentation – Douglas Shook, MD, FASE
1015-1030 Break
Session: 3D Symposium
1030-1100 Basics of 3D image Acquisition: Tips and Tricks – Stanton K. Shernan, MD, FAHA, FASE
1100-1130 How 3D Imaging Makes a Difference. Clinical CasesBurkhard Mackensen, MD, PhD, FASE
1130-1200 Interventional Echocardiography: Integrating 2D and 3D Imaging – Douglas Shook, MD, FASE
1200-1315 Lunch (Individual TEE Workshop Sessions – Registration Required)
Session: POCUS
1315-1400 Lecture: Intro to TTE and Lung U/S – Christopher Tainter, MD
1400-1445 Lecture: Why TTE – Christopher Tainter, MD
1445-1600 Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop (Covering Cardiac, Lung and Abdominal Ultrasound with Live Models) (Registration Required) – UCSD Faculty


Sunday, June 5, 2022
0630-0700 Breakfast
Session: Aortic Valve Fundamentals
0700-0730 Echocardiographic Quantification of Aortic Regurgitation – Christine Choi, MD
0730-0800 Accessing Aortic Stenosis: Updated Guidelines – Christine Choi, MD
0800-0830 When The Area and Gradient Don’t Add Up! Should Incidental Moderate Aortic Stenosis be Fixed? Daniel Blanchard, MD, FACC
0830-0845 Break
0845-0915 Endocarditis and Abscesses: Evaluation and Decision Making – Daniel Blanchard, MD, FACC
0915-0945 Hemodynamic Assessment of Prosthetic Valves – Daniel Blanchard, MD, FACC
0945-1015 Echo for Pericardial Disease and Tamponade – Timothy Maus, MD
1015-1030 Break
Session: The Right Side Debrief and Devices
1030-1100 The Forgotten Ventricle – Dalia Banks, MD, FASE
1100-1130 Tricuspid and Pulmonary Valve Disease: Guidelines – Sophia Poorsattar, MD
Echocardiography for LVAD, ECMO and Temporary Devices – Sophia Poorsattar, MD
1200-1315 Lunch (Individual TEE Workshop Sessions – Registration Required)
Session: Potpourri II
1315-1345 Rescue Echo – Sophia Poorsattar, MD
1345-1415 Echo for Pericardial Disease and Tamponade – Quoc-Sy Nguyen, MD,
1415-1430 Closing Remarks – Dalia Banks, MD, FASE

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