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Friday, August 11, 2023
Registration, Sign-In and Continental Breakfast
0745-0800Welcome and Introductions
Cardiac Update
0800-0835Assorted Anesthetic Moments of TerrorGerard Manecke, MD
Non-Cardiac Surgery in Patients with Ventricular Assist DevicesSwapnil Khoche, MD
Rescue Echo  Tim Maus, MD, FASE
0945-1000 Break
​1000-1035Going Beyond the Echo Report Swapnil Khoche, MD
Thoracic Challenges Dalia Banks, MD, FASE
Critical Care Update
1230-1305 First Do No Harm:  How to Ventilate your Patient for Survival Thoracic Challenges   Orestes O'Brien, MD
1305-1340 A Clot in the Lung that will not Come Out Orestes O'Brien, MD
1340-1415 Out of OR/ Emergency Airway Management  Eric Tzeng, MD
1415-1500 POCUS Echocardiography:  How to get the Views Sarah Ellis, MD
1500-1700 Workshop Series – Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop (Separate Registration Required)
Maya Filipovic, MD
Sarah Ellis, MD


Saturday, August 12, 2023
0630-0730 Breakfast
Obstetrics Update
0730-0805 Update on Anesthetic Consideration for Preeclampsia – Lawrence Weinstein, MD
0805-0830 Intracranial Mass and Neuraxial Anesthesia – Lawrence Weinstein, MD
0830-0900 Peripartum Pain Management:  An Important and Evolving PracticeErin Martin, MD
0900-0930Maternal Mortality: In the US and Globally - Reema Sanghvi, MD
0930-0945 Break
Pediactrics Update
0945-1015 Stay out of Trouble Peds Pearls for the Non-Pediatric Anesthesiologist Mark Greenberg, MD
1015-1045 Anesthesia for Pediatric Surgical Emergencies – Claire Soria, MD
1045-1115 Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting and Emergence Delirium in the PACUBrian Frugoni, MD
​1115-1145​Pediatric Syndromes at an Adult Hospital- How to Manage Kids and Adults with Syndromes you are Unfamiliar with Alyssa Brzenski, MD
1145-1300 Lunch
Regional and Acute Pain Update
1300-1400 Challenges and Updates in Perioperative Pain Management – Engy Said, MD
1400-1500 Peripheral Nerve and Fascial Plane Blocks for the Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity and Trunk  John Finneran IV, MD
1500-1700 Workshop Series – Regional Workshop(Separate Registration Required)
Rodney Gabriel, MD
Engy Said, MD
John Finneran IV, MD


Sunday, August 13, 2023
0630-0730 Breakfast
Nuero Anesthesia Update
0730-0805 Basics of Neuroanesthesia  Piyush Patel, MD
0805-0840 Neurologic Emergencies in the OR Martin Krause, MD
0840-0915 What you need to know about the Pituitary Gland Minh Tran, MD
0915-0935 CON: Subclavian vs. IJ Central Line in Neurosurgery Arthur Lam, MD
0935-1000 PRO: Subclavian vs. IJ Central Line in Neurosurgery Ashley Fejleh, MD
1000-1015 Break
Pharmacology Update
1015-1045 Role of Cannabinoids in Chronic Pain Mark Wallace, MD
1045-1115 Role of Cannabinoids in Acute Pain Timothy Furnish, MD
Perioperative Management of Buprenorphine Timothy Furnish, MD
1145-1245 Lunch
Session: Potpourri
1245-1345 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:  Why is Change so Difficult? Rekha Chandrabose, MD
1345-1445 Reframing Wellness Byron Fergerson, MD
1445-1500 Closing Remarks – Dalia Banks, MD, FASE

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