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August 2010 - Dr. McGraw & Sandhu treated a 110 year old patient with Femoral, Sciatic & Obturator Nerve blocks for primary anesthetic technique. Patient had leg amputated. She had surgery without GA using minimal sedation.

Dr. McGrawDr. McGraw


November 1, 2007 – Science Daily News featured UCSD Regional Anesthesia specialists performing an ultrasound-guided popliteal sciatic perineural catheter for a patient undergoing outpatient foot surgery.  The segment also included an interview with the patient at home where he was enjoying a smooth postsurgical recovery.


September 2007 – San Diego Metropolitan Magazine named Dr. Edward Mariano as a member of its 8th Annual “40 Under 40” honor roll for his volunteer activities on medical missions abroad and innovative use of regional anesthesia techniques to “shut down pain at its source.”

August 3, 2007 – ABC Channel 10 News featured nerve block anesthesia offered as an alternative to general anesthesia for outpatient orthopedic surgery at UCSD.  Benefits of regional anesthesia presented in this health news special included avoidance of anesthetic-induced side effects like nausea and vomiting, faster recovery time and hospital discharge, and prolonged pain relief through the use of continuous peripheral nerve catheters.

August 2007 – Dr. Edward Mariano was recognized as a finalist in the San Diego Business Journal’s 2007 Healthcare Champions Awards ceremony in Balboa Park for his role in the development of the regional anesthesia and perioperative pain management program at UCSD. 

May 2007 – San Diego Metro Weekly published a story about UCSD’s regional anesthesia options for pediatric patients.  At UCSD, even pediatric patients who have to undergo outpatient hand surgery and their parents opt for nerve blocks instead of general anesthesia to take advantage of the extended pain control and recovery benefits.