Perioperative Anesthesia

​Division of Perioperative Services at UC San Diego

Perioperative Management includes patient care practices starting in the preoperative arena to the post-operative course. Residents rotate through preoperative clinic (PCC) and post anesthesia recovery units (PACU). See curriculum for further details.

In addition, with changing healthcare practices and insurance reimbursement schemes, the practice of Out of OR anesthesia has increased. Anesthesiologists are poised to take over management of these areas as they grow. As such, the UCSD perioperative team has been working diligently to ensure that trainees have the opportunity to gain experience and exposure to working in these areas and become well versed in overcoming the unique challenges that these specialty suites present. 

Perioperative Management Fellowship

Looking to take your management interest further? Look into our new fellowship here at UCSD! Take a look at our fellowship page for further details.

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