Pre-Operative Pain Consult Clinic and Inpatient Pain Service

The Center for Pain Medicine offers pre-operative pain consultations to patients scheduled for surgery at UC San Diego Medical Center.  This service is designed for patients with a history of difficulty with pain after surgery, a history of chronic pain before surgery, or thought to have complex issues after surgery.

With a referral from the surgeon we meet with patients before admission to the hospital in order to develop a comprehensive pain management plan for before, during, and after surgery.  This can include plans for tapering current pain medication, recommendations for preemptive analgesics before and during surgery, and pain management after surgery. We coordinate with the surgical and anesthesia teams, the use of regional and epidural anesthetic techniques that can be continued postoperatively. After surgery the Inpatient Pain Service will continue to assist with the patient’s pain management needs during the hospital stay and help prepare for discharge.

Inpatient Pain Service staff include fellowship trained pain management physicians with assistance from residents and fellows. The goals of the service are to:

  • Help patients recover as comfortably and quickly as possible    
  • Assist surgeons in managing post-operative pain effectively and safely
  • Minimize the side effects of pain medicines
  • Reduce the chances of developing chronic pain 

For More information visit: Pre-Operative Pain Consultations and Inpatient Pain Service